Before going to Binondo to fetch my A-ma, my family ate lunch at Aristocrat along Roxas Boulevard. Nothing beats this place! I love their Sotanghon Soup (Vermicelli with chicken broth, chicken bits, fish sauce, and all those ingredients I’m not sure of), and of course, the house favorite, Chicken BBQ. Oh! Don’t forget their peanut sauce (which they’re famous for..). Am I making you hungry now? Now, here are some of the pictures I took. Enjoy!


Above: Sotanghon Soup; Lower Right: Clam Chowder; Lower Left: Artistocrat’s Famous Peanut Sauce

P1010299 P1010302 P1010304 

Above: Pork Spareribs Below: Chicken BBQ


3 Responses to “The Aristocrat Restaurant”

  1. Hey, I was there last night! had the honey chicken and fried lumpiang shanghai…this place brings back memories. it’s an institution!

  2. The best for me is the CHICKEN BBQ……hmmmmmm

  3. marvinm: cool! :) yeah i agree, it is an institution… i love it there! :)

    jj: the best! :D

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