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这是我第二次写的日记。今天在路上我看到了NINOY AQUINO 的相片挂在路灯上。 好多人都抬头看。你们觉得很奇怪吗? 八月二十一日是 纪念他的死日。他是菲律滨的英雄, 也是前总统的丈夫。因为是为了他的原因才有1986 EDSA REVOLUTION。

Yehey for my second attempt at blogging in Chinese! Well, my A-ma was here to correct all my mistakes, so go figure! Oh, I was driving here while taking these shots.. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t but, I looked and slowed down before taking them…there… :| haha!

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  1. 哈哈哈!

    好像看到毛泽东的脸! XD

  2. hi. Your blog is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award. Please visit the site and vote. GOod luck.

  3. Woooah. A nomination.

  4. 你在练习你的中文!我很高兴。。。哈哈哈。。。你写的东西我都能明白!!!真不错

  5. Raein: Hmph! I had help after I did it. Just to make sure. :) Yeah! A nomination! Please help by voting and spreading the word! :D thanks thanks!

    talksmart: thanks for the nomination! :)

    田老师 : 谢谢您!:)

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