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这是我第二次写的日记。今天在路上我看到了NINOY AQUINO 的相片挂在路灯上。 好多人都抬头看。你们觉得很奇怪吗? 八月二十一日是 纪念他的死日。他是菲律滨的英雄, 也是前总统的丈夫。因为是为了他的原因才有1986 EDSA REVOLUTION。

Yehey for my second attempt at blogging in Chinese! Well, my A-ma was here to correct all my mistakes, so go figure! Oh, I was driving here while taking these shots.. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t but, I looked and slowed down before taking them…there… :| haha!


Before going to Binondo to fetch my A-ma, my family ate lunch at Aristocrat along Roxas Boulevard. Nothing beats this place! I love their Sotanghon Soup (Vermicelli with chicken broth, chicken bits, fish sauce, and all those ingredients I’m not sure of), and of course, the house favorite, Chicken BBQ. Oh! Don’t forget their peanut sauce (which they’re famous for..). Am I making you hungry now? Now, here are some of the pictures I took. Enjoy!


Above: Sotanghon Soup; Lower Right: Clam Chowder; Lower Left: Artistocrat’s Famous Peanut Sauce

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Above: Pork Spareribs Below: Chicken BBQ


Jade, my Shih Tzu, won First Place for her category (6-9 months) - that’s because she didn’t have any competitor. (haha!) The good part there is when she was put onto the table for judging, the wife of the judge went right up from her seat, and took her picture! (aww.. :) ) The judge said she’s very great but she lacks training. (Yeah, she hasn’t had that much training yet..sadly..) She didn’t win overall in the Shih Tzu Group after (because all her competitors were much older and had longer hair/coat than her…) Oh well, that’s just fine. It’s another experience for her. Untill the next competition! ;)  

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