UProject’s first interview is Sitti Navarro, bossa nova singer, graduated Business Economics from UP School of Economics.


Sitti: Whatever your passions are, whatever your passions were, even before college, ‘dun at ‘dun din kayo babagsak (you’ll definitely end up there), that’s what I’ve learned.

Crisette: You think you want to be doing this for the rest of your life? Like Singing…

Sitti: I’ll only do singing, I’ll still do singing only if it doesn’t feel work…But at the time it feels like work, I’ll stop.

Ria: How did you decide to take up B.E. (Business Economics) What’s the story behind that?

Sitti: You know how UP applications are done early in the year…When I was in high school, I enjoyed everything. I enjoyed all my subjects. So I asked my mom to pick a course for me. It was my lolo (grandfather) who picked my course. BE was my first choice then the second choice was Com Eng (Communications Engineering)…You can just imagine how my brain…I wasn’t really decided on anything. 

Ria: Because that what a common problem we want to address. A lot of students don’t really know yet at that stage… So would you say that you felt that way also?

Sitti: Yes definitely. But that’s okay, you’re only 16 then. What am I suppose to do? Everything will fall into place, just be patient. Just be patient. If you feel troubled. It’s okay to feel troubled. No one knows for sure, if you’re in the right course…or if you’re taking the right path. You just learn a long the way…and there are signs a long the way. Bigla akong nagkaroon ng record deal (I get offered a record deal). I think I should sing. Okay, I’ll try singing. E okay ‘yung album. (The album’s okay) I think ill go for another album. Don’t force anything, but do your best!


For the video of the interview, check out UPROJECT Website.

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