Another Super Saturday (August 11, 2007), with a new shoot!


I just happen to have asked Joseph some “behind the scene” stuff that were not written on the paper. Forgive me for asking just 2 questions. I’ll just post more on the next issue.

Bong: So what’s exciting and different about the La Salle shoot?

Joseph: The people were really fun, and probably more excited than we were. And it was my first real fashion shoot so none of us knew what to do. We had no studio lighting except for a softbox and the available hanging halogen lamps.

Bong: What do you think of their shirt style and designs?

Joseph: It’s so cool, I hope that there are other designs though (other than the DLSU-oriented)




Joseph Pascual is James Gabrillo’s new Super Photographer!


So I guess, let’s just see what this Saturday’s shoot will be. :)

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