Thanks to Proclamation 1345 issued by Malacaang (suspending classes today in all high school and college levels) …

I was able to go out with UP CSA members and applicants in their buddy activities. We all went to TriNoma, in Quezon City. Those who were present were Harrell, Bettina, Tiffy, Sean Su, Madie, Hazel, Justin, Clea, Shirley, Reginald, Vanessa, Austin, Clea, Sarah, Mark, Jan Mike, Pam, Divine, Eandra, Joanna Sy, Joanna Tan, and Harroun. Apparently, they were really addicted to Timezone! ;) hehe


  • Harrell got beaten by Tiff in Basketball.. *whistles…*
  • Car-race galore
  • Everyone (except Harroun) against Austin in support for “safe-driver” Bettina (who almost won…*note: almost* ) LOL ;)
  • Clea and Harrell’s first time in Dance Revolution! (funny..)
  • Sarah’s Super Trivia games *where she got 36 tickets…M&Ms!* 

Afterwards we ate at McDonalds. I really don’t know why we ate there - more fast food o_o - but yeah, buddy lunch(es)! Oh yeah, fast food - eating fast - in time for our movie.




Look at the Sarah’s face when her buddy said that her mission was supposed to be to drink Iced Tea. Quoting her,

“My buddy was so shocked that I’d never tasted coke or pepsi or anything, that she decided my buddy mission would be to taste iced tea (it was supposed to be coke, but since she’s so considerate :) she changed it to something less despicable to me). I have now tasted iced tea.”


Ratatouille! I love the Movie! Some excerpts which I find really good and inspiring…

“No. Dad, I don’t believe it. You’re telling me that the future is - can only be - more of this?” (referring to dead rats) - Remy
This is the way things are; you can’t change nature.” - Django 
“Change is nature, Dad. The part that we can influence. And it starts when we decide.” - Remy


And for the Chefs, Sous-Chefs, and the wannabes (like me!)…

“Food always comes to those who love to cook.” - Gusteau

Guess what…after the movie, most went back to Timezone to play again; while the others went to Starbucks to buy coffee.

Tiff, Harrell and I made a “side trip” and went to Gift Gate for a while, to check out Hello Kitty stuff.


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