Val, Shereen, Jan Mike, Pam and I went to the Senate in GSIS building earlier to interview Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero for UPROJECT, an organization in UP Diliman.

We arrived there on time! (thanks to Jan Mike’s driving skills). We waited, and waited, because he was still in a committee hearing. Val and I toured the senators’ rooms to get their contact numbers. We managed to get Senator Pia and Allan Peter Cayetano’s. (We should’ve gotten Arroyo’s, Angara’s, Enrille’s, and all those UP alumnus..I didn’t know that they were from UP.)

We went back to the office of Sen. Escudero, and waited again, talking about anything really, to pass time. I had to go ahead because I have a previous meeting set at the Office of the Vice President.


Jan Mike drove me to the PNB Building, but first, we detoured to Jollibee to buy food. It was already 3pm, Pam, JM, Shereen and I haven’t eaten yet, and are REALLY STARVING! Talk about Pam saying “Cheese Whiz, Cheese Curls, Cheese blah blah blah.”

I went down at the entrance of PNB, and went through the whole security clearance process all over again. My classmates were already there. We went up to the 7th floor and got inside the “Office of the Vice President of the Philippines”. Security was wow! Finger print, digital number code system. Well not really that “amazing” compared to other countries, but still…

We were asked to wait in the Vice President’s Briefing Office where he meets the cabinet, and HUDCC/ Housing authorities.


Atty. Jessie Andres, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff did our briefing, and answered all our concerns regarding Philippine Administrative System (with regards to the Office of the Vice President - Executive Branch).

We had these microphones, the ones used in cabinet meetings, senate sessions, and all those government stuff. :))

We were all amazed when no less than the Vice President emerged out of a not so noticeable door. The room we are in had a connection with the real Office of the Vice President. It’s a double room, with a concealed (not so concealed after it opened for Noli) door.

He didn’t stay that long. We just took pictures, talked for a while, and then he left. He’s such a busy person perhaps.

We have his nephew (our classmate, and my batch mate in UP) to thank for arranging all of this. Atty Andres told us that this was a FIRST ever thing, that they allowed students to visit and tour the office of the VP! Cool huh? XD


Photo and Art by: Joseph Cheng

Earlier this day around 1.3 million senior high school students took the NCAE or the National College Admission Examinations to help them find what course they are most inclined to or fit for. According to DepEd or the Department of Education, it’s just an aptitude test that will help students and their parents to find the right courses for college.

But what if the NCAE looks something like this? And believe me, a lot of the students (mostly from the private schools) saw these really funny, as they took their exams early this morning.

Does this translate to what kind of education the Philippines has? I really hope not. The government obviously can’t do well in some project like this… what more in our electoral processes, our taxes, etc.? :(

I finally saw the new 5-floor Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street in The Fort. First of all, the building is simplistic and sleek, far from any other branch they have. Well this is the only branch they have with 4 floors or housed in a separate building. Usually it’s inside the mall (i.e., Promenade, Rockwell, etc.)

The moment you enter you’ll be amazed at the arrangement and design of the interior. Having my MacBook with me, I hurriedly went to the 3rd floor, where Starbucks is located. I tried using Fully Booked’s Wi-Fi, but it had a password to be able to use it. I’m not sure if it’s given to the customers, but I managed to enter the right password. Free Internet connection! :)

Having Starbucks inside the bookstore is also a first! Customers may have a sip of their favorite frappuccino while browsing through the shelves. There are tons of books about anything you can imagine. Books galore. I love the place!

When you reach the topmost floor, you get greeted with the assortment of CDs, DVDs, Art and Photography books. The basement, on the other hand, has all the comics, anime, action figures, and office supplies.

Congratulations to you guys who voted for me! I emerged 2nd in talksmart’s Filipino Blog of the Week, week 70 awards. Here’s to you guys who visited, voted, consistently voted, and asked people to vote (to the point that I almost dragged you to vote? Did I? I hope not.. hehe).

Here’s my prize:


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Yes! I have a new MacBook! I’m very happy to have finally bought a laptop on my own. Hard work really pays off. I really want to use it now, and explore (cause I’m currently Mac dumb - haha) but I have a lot on my hands. I still have to finish my 10-page Filipino 25 Bayan Paper (paper about my province) that’s due this Tuesday. Sad.

As Krisha says, “Welcome to the Mac Family!”. I guess I have the whole weekend to rejoice (after my paper..)

Three out of 10 children, ages 0 to five years old, in the Philippines are suffering from chronic malnutrition and are underweight, under height and stunted in growth. This is according to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute.

This is also the problem which Hapag-Asa, a flagship project of the Pondo ng Pinoy Community Foundation headed by Manila Archbishop Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales and the Assisi Development Foundation, hopes to significantly address.


The Hapag-Asa Program aims to alleviate extreme hunger among poor Filipino children. Its four major components: supplemental feeding, health education, spiritual formation and livelihood.


Since it was launched in late 2005, Hapag-Asa, has “graduated” 6,000 malnourished children and currently enrols 65,000 undernourished children in 37 dioceses nationwide.

As they say, the life of this program is its volunteers.

Some applicants of the UP Chinese Student Association went there yesterday to volunteer and feed these children.



I got this post from Shari of Misteryosa.


University of the Philippines System (UP System) goes Smoke Free!

That?s protection from Second Hand Smoke to over 51,500 students, 4,000 faculty and 7900 administrative personnel (and countless guests and visitors) in at least 7 constituent universities located in 12 campuses across the country. This protection also extends to the Philippine General Hospital, the largest public hospital in the Philippines, which has adopted its own smoke-free policies a few years ago.

According to Professor Marvic Leonen, Vice President for Legal Affairs of the UP System, the Administrative Order (AO) for Smoke Free UP was passed 2 days ago following unanimous vote. Students caught in violation of this order will be subjected to disciplinary action. Chancellors are given very stern instructions to implement the said AO.

As you may know, our laws require smoking ban in schools, however, because of the usual enforcement issues, this is not implemented in many universities. This policy is particularly difficult to implement in UP because of the sheer size of its land area and the fact that private residences and local communities are housed inside the big campuses. But with this AO, we have renewed hope that a smoke free UP is possible.

Congratulations to UP and thank you, Professor Marvic Leonen, for giving us a Smoke Free UP!

Let?s support UP?s smoke free initiatives in any way we can. The successes in UP provides the groundwork for a nationwide smoke free campaign! 

My first reaction to this is “YES! WAY TO GO U.P.!” I hate smoking. I hate how smokers can be so inconsiderate of people who do not smoke. Last, but definitely not the least, I hate the smoke emitted by cigarettes.

I hope this AO (if it’s true in the first place) wouldn’t go to waste. I hope UP Diliman has the guts to successfully implement this.

Though, yes, I understand that smokers cannot quit just like that. Let’s give them time? And then, let’s have a full-blown implementation!

What do you guys think?

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这是我第二次写的日记。今天在路上我看到了NINOY AQUINO 的相片挂在路灯上。 好多人都抬头看。你们觉得很奇怪吗? 八月二十一日是 纪念他的死日。他是菲律滨的英雄, 也是前总统的丈夫。因为是为了他的原因才有1986 EDSA REVOLUTION。

Yehey for my second attempt at blogging in Chinese! Well, my A-ma was here to correct all my mistakes, so go figure! Oh, I was driving here while taking these shots.. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t but, I looked and slowed down before taking them…there… :| haha!

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