Since Chris Ng has been speaking of Harry Potter’s birthday all day…I might as well celebrate with all the Potter fans out there! Here’s to Harry, Happy 27th Birthday! :D 


Here’s what I got from J.K. Rowling’s site:


5 Responses to “Happy Birthday Harry!”

  1. well, HARRY POTTER, and J.K. Rowling, happy birthday to both! *it’s not Daniel’s birthday… XD hehe

  2. Happy birthday, Harry and J.K.^_^

    Superbong, Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday was on July 23, so you could greet him too.^_^

  3. Happy Birthday also :)

  4. iheartbadtz: oh okay! hehe belated! ;)

  5. 27th birthday?? He looks younger! XD

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