Since we aren’t allowed to play Bridge “our official game” in CSA (Chinese Student Association) Tambayan, people resorted to different kinds of games. One of which is the Rubik’s Cube.

But this video will not fail to amaze you:

8 Responses to “Rubik’s Cube Madness!”

  1. ba’t naman di na kayo pwede mag-bridge? curious lang. hahaha

  2. This sucks. :( I’m trying to practice! I swear! :( I can’t get it to under a minute!

  3. Hayy… BAWAL daw.. ‘coz it’s like we’re gambling daw.. bwct tlga! Of all places, UP pa nagbabawal! o_O

  4. LOL @ Tiff! x.x

  5. I’m not really good at playing the cube. Just getting one side is hard enough.

  6. yeah! i know! and a lot, well some, of the people in my org (UPCSA) are really good at it! o_O

  7. Me? :3

  8. there… hahahahaha! :P you? you… .you!!! :D

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