Trying new food and cuisines has been my long time dream. So, when this opportunity came in my Anthropology 10 class, I was really excited to do it. Camille, Hazel and I went to Thai Kitchen in Tomas Morato.



We ordered 5 never before heard dishes - what we thought was originally from Thai Cuisine.

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First up was the Tom Kha Kai (Chicken and Coconut Soup — Php 59). It was my first time to taste a coconut soup concoction. It tasted sour - more like our own sinigang, but it had this leafy (yan suey) taste to it. It had this chicken bits which were deliciously made and placed inside the soup.


Pla Neung (Lapu-lapu w/ Chilies, Garlic and Lime Sauce) - presentation wise, it had this relatively small Lapu-Lapu, which costs around Php 200 (Php 95/ 100g), on a small platter plate. I was intrigued with the sound of the contents of the sauce; but sad to say, I didn’t reach my expectations. The taste didn’t complement with the fish. I would rather have the fish alone.


Pad Thai (Noodles) - it looked like our own palabok mixed with ho-fan, but it really didn’t taste like both. It tastes sweet-y, with small shrimps and bits of chicken and egg. It complemented each other. And, when I added a pinch of lime, it tasted perfect. The only thing I didn’t like is that it had yan-suey (as with all of the dishes)


Next we tried the Pad Sei Ew (Fried Noodles with Shrimp) - this dish is like the Pad Thai, but it had bigger shrimps, kangkong, and its noodles are colored differently. I would have to say that Pad Thai and Pad Sei Ew (which both costs Php 60 each) was really worth the visit. Both Pad Thai and Pad Sei Ew came with a glass of iced tea.


Last but not the least was the Yum Talay Mamuang (Crispy Catfish Salad — Php 169). - Again, it was my first time to try catfish. It had this mango strips and some other stalk vegetables and some yan suey in it. The catfish was shredded and fried to golden crisp. I was quite hesitant at first, but after I tasted it, I really loved this dish. It was served in a small plate. It was quite pricey, but I think it’s because of the catfish?


It was my first time trying Thai, and it was really an experience. :D hehe!



*Pictures Courtesy of Camille’s Phone and Transpo by the twins (Madie and Hazel) :P

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