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10 Responses to “Do you believe in FARIES?”

  1. Looks more like doxies than fairies.:P

  2. eep. creepy eh? o.o

  3. it’s a hoax! hahahaha xP


  4. aww.. but it’s just a hoax as Spellbinder pointed out to me. (http://www.hoax-slayer.com/derbyshire-fairy-hoax.shtml)

  5. Aww, what a disappointment..

  6. scary 0.o

  7. I think we can probably see since he just commented. Lol.

    Ano ka ba, Bong? It looked like a hoax naman eh. Haha.

  8. HAHA! But, if it was real…it would be really scary… haha (la lang..)

  9. Still think it looked like doxies.XD Nyahahaha! I am such a Potter-head.:P

  10. I realy think that ’s amazing i think it’s real if you look onthe ear you see
    it is real ifyou could send me some emails about this fatherv reasher i would be happy to know about this it’s just to coool to belive i think if you showed scientist this fairy they can check it just see if it’s a real fairy.

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