I saw this inspiring post from Wifely Steps. She says, and I quote a part of her post (How’s your rolling going?):

“To the missing pieces who are reading this, don’t be afraid to roll. Your sharp corners have a purpose, but they’re not there to stay. Lift and pop and flop. It can hurt a little bit sometimes but you need to do this. Make decisions, command responsibility, take better care of yourself. Grow up. Then you will be able to roll. Then you will be complete.”

She continues by saying…

“To the big O’s who may be watching missing pieces try to roll, be patient. You were once a missing piece yourself. And are you sure you’re a big O? Or maybe you still need to do some more rolling yourself? Keep rolling. And be patient. If you and your missing piece are meant to roll together, you will roll together.”

“The best fit comes when two big O’s roll together. It takes time and patience to be a big O yourself and find another big O to roll with (if you want to), but it does happen.”

What struck me the most, and I find very true about life is…

“While you may feel others complete you, the truth is, only you can fully complete yourself.”

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