Last Saturday, June 30, UP Chinese Student Association had its regular Applicants’ Acquaintance Party. For the second time around, it was held in Ferndale Homes (c/o Laureen Lukban - Yey at Laureen! ;) )

This time, the applicants outnumbered the members. There are more or less 90 applicants this semester. As people in CSA say, “We’re the next UP JMA.” It is highly possible, considering the “J Curve” ratio (as Kim Ong said) our population is following.


We had games: The Boat is Sinking (CSA Style), plus 2 more (wherein people won Jollibee gift certificates)


We had good food: As you can see, Ainna’s enjoying her share :P


And Buddy Bidding (wherein applicants bid for their buddy members - who will help them in their application)


As Mark Wu said, “It was rougher than past acquaintance parties; but in the end, as with every CSA event, it was well worth it.”


After the Acquaintance party, we (Kester, Merryan, Ainna and me) headed to Grace Village to freshen up before going to Pan Pacific Hotel’s for the despedida of UP CSA 06 batch mate Stacey Chong (who left yesterday for National University of Singapore).



Photos By: Harrell Wong, Sunshine Tan and Sean Tiu

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