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Since Chris Ng has been speaking of Harry Potter’s birthday all day…I might as well celebrate with all the Potter fans out there! Here’s to Harry, Happy 27th Birthday! :D 


Here’s what I got from J.K. Rowling’s site:


“Let your light shine!” - this was sort of my motto when I was back (not so long ago) in Xavier High School. It means that you do your very best in everything that you do. Yes, I must say that it wasn’t always easy. There were ups and downs, as well as moments that I slack off and wanted to quit. But, always, people would be there to support and extend a hand.


I met Fr. Zulo in my fourth year in high school. It was an unexpected one, really. Richard and I were planning Xavier DoTA (Donate to Aid) at that time. I thank Fr. Zulo for being a bridge to Fr. Go. Also, we thank him for his support to the whole thing. It was really wonderful :)

I want to share with you the highlights of a recent article written about Fr. Zulo in Starweek (Philippine Star).

“Our job is to help the kids of today’s world prepare for tomorrow’s world,” says Fr. Ismael Zuloaga, SJ on his role in Xavier School. Throughout his more than 20 years of service, he has witnessed generations graduate from Xavier and has touched the lives of many. He has furthermore been a man for others through his work as president of the Jesuit Conference of East Asia and Oceania from 1992 to 2004. Celebrating his 50th year as a Jesuit tomorrow, Fr. Zuloaga continues to shine his light on the Xavier community….

…One of Fr. Zuloaga’s legacies is the Xavier vision of producing graduates that are “Men fully alive, endowed with a passion for justice and the skills for development.” The Jesuit explains each aspect of the vision with enthusiasm: “To be fully alive,” he says, “is to be psychologically developed, happy and joyful, sharing and self-giving.”

As for having “a passion for justice,” Fr. Zuloaga explains, “our students have to understand that all that they are given - and they are given a lot - is not for themselves, but for others. As a school, we want to prepare them to be leaders in the world and stewards for development.”

Xavier strives to provide their students with the capability to enable development in the world. “I’m happy that it remains,” Fr. Zuloaga says of the vision he instituted so many years ago. He says that this vision is “alive in a number of our alumni who not just know about it, but live it! That’s one of my greatest consolations,” he says. With a content sigh, Fr. Zuloaga adds, “That’s what kept me busy, happily busy, for some 20 years… I did not get tired in those 20 years. The others got tired of me,” he laughs

Without Fr. Zulo and his team of very eager and hardworking Jesuits, faculty and staff, Xavier School wouldn’t have been into what it is today. As what the article says,

“Fr. Zuloaga’s legacy will be his students, Xavier’s alumni who are and will continue to contribute to the betterment of the communities where they live,” says Miguel A. Tan of Xavier Class 1966. As head of the Development and Alumni Relations Office, Fr. Zuloaga puts importance in the Xavier formation of the alumni “to help them live their family life and their professional life in a Christian, civic, and joyful manner.”

He stresses that,

The school’s alumni of around 13,000 actively support the school. “One reason why I am a happy man is because I often say that my 20 years in Xavier, looking at its alumni, were not wasted,” says Fr. Zuloaga.

Fr. Zuloaga, who knows most of the alumni personally, names some of those that have truly fulfilled the Xavier ideal of becoming “men for others”: Fr. Johnny Go, the current director of Xavier; Secretary of Agriculture Arthur Yap; Fr. Aristotle Dy, the director of Jesuit Communications Foundation; Johnip G. Cua, president and general manager of Proctor and Gamble; and the five recipients of the 2007 Xavier-Kuangchi Award: John Burtkenley Ong, Edward S. Wang, William Chua, Francis Chua, and Wellington Tong.

“I didn’t do much, but they are my students,” Fr. Zuloaga says modestly. “We do hope to have more people in government. I think that all schools should produce men who gradually can change the corruption in the environment.”

And I agree with him completely. I think that this is the challenge Xavier has given us. After all that it taught us, Xaverians, we should strive to excel and gradually change our environment for the better.

He adds, “One of my greatest joys is to think that students of my time are leading their life either as priests or as lay people in a type of work that is of service of others. It is a great joy to see people like that.”

Fifty bright and fruitful years as a Jesuit has passed. But for Fr. Zuloaga, this is only a promise of more to come as he continues to shine his light on all, a beacon of compassion, education, and service.

You may read the whole article at Philippine Star (

Philippine Coins and Banknotes blogged about this:

Banknote collectors have something to look forward to in 2008. In commemoration of the centennial of the University of the Philippines (UP), the “Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has approved the overprinting of the image of the Oblation on new hundred peso bills to be circulated soon” (

100 peso bill UP centennial cropped

The image above is only a speculation. Overprints are usually done on the white space on the right side of the banknote. The overprinted bills will most likely be issued in 2008, the year of UP’s centennial.

The Oblation is the iconic symbol of the University of the Philippines, represented by a man with arms wide-stretched and face facing up, symbolizing selfless offering of one’s self to his country.

Since I’m a Filipino numismatist (a coin collector) and marvel at Philippine monetary units (coins and banknotes), I am really excited about this. I’m sure to be waiting for this overprinted 100 peso bill! Yehey! :)

Since we aren’t allowed to play Bridge “our official game” in CSA (Chinese Student Association) Tambayan, people resorted to different kinds of games. One of which is the Rubik’s Cube.

But this video will not fail to amaze you:

Trying new food and cuisines has been my long time dream. So, when this opportunity came in my Anthropology 10 class, I was really excited to do it. Camille, Hazel and I went to Thai Kitchen in Tomas Morato.



We ordered 5 never before heard dishes - what we thought was originally from Thai Cuisine.

24072007307 24072007311

24072007312 24072007317

First up was the Tom Kha Kai (Chicken and Coconut Soup — Php 59). It was my first time to taste a coconut soup concoction. It tasted sour - more like our own sinigang, but it had this leafy (yan suey) taste to it. It had this chicken bits which were deliciously made and placed inside the soup.


Pla Neung (Lapu-lapu w/ Chilies, Garlic and Lime Sauce) - presentation wise, it had this relatively small Lapu-Lapu, which costs around Php 200 (Php 95/ 100g), on a small platter plate. I was intrigued with the sound of the contents of the sauce; but sad to say, I didn’t reach my expectations. The taste didn’t complement with the fish. I would rather have the fish alone.


Pad Thai (Noodles) - it looked like our own palabok mixed with ho-fan, but it really didn’t taste like both. It tastes sweet-y, with small shrimps and bits of chicken and egg. It complemented each other. And, when I added a pinch of lime, it tasted perfect. The only thing I didn’t like is that it had yan-suey (as with all of the dishes)


Next we tried the Pad Sei Ew (Fried Noodles with Shrimp) - this dish is like the Pad Thai, but it had bigger shrimps, kangkong, and its noodles are colored differently. I would have to say that Pad Thai and Pad Sei Ew (which both costs Php 60 each) was really worth the visit. Both Pad Thai and Pad Sei Ew came with a glass of iced tea.


Last but not the least was the Yum Talay Mamuang (Crispy Catfish Salad — Php 169). - Again, it was my first time to try catfish. It had this mango strips and some other stalk vegetables and some yan suey in it. The catfish was shredded and fried to golden crisp. I was quite hesitant at first, but after I tasted it, I really loved this dish. It was served in a small plate. It was quite pricey, but I think it’s because of the catfish?


It was my first time trying Thai, and it was really an experience. :D hehe!



*Pictures Courtesy of Camille’s Phone and Transpo by the twins (Madie and Hazel) :P

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Her Excellency, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, just delivered her SONA (State of the Nation Address) earlier today in a joint session of Congress of the Republic of the Philippines at the Batasang Pambansa Complex in Quezon City.

The main highlight of her speech was her accomplishments in the past year, and her plans of sustained economic growth, development (massive physical infrastructure projects, enhancement of social infrastructures, and an environment of peace), and her legacy to the Filipino people.

Here are some pictures from Congress:

Rallyists protest in front of EVER Gotesco, Commonwealth


P1010266 P1010267 

I was just a few feet away from the President. As you can see, the PSG is just blocking me from her.

P1010269 P1010274 P1010287 P1010289 

With Congresswoman Ana Theresia Hontiveros-Baraquel of AKBAYAN.P1010293

Oh yes! The food they served after the event was GOOD! Yummy! ;)

My initial analysis on the SONA of the President: It is what people wanted to hear. Yes, she boasts of different accomplishments. Congratulations! She continues to present these grandiose projects in the next 3 years. My only problem with it is that, where the hell will she “steal” the money to finance those (when we all know that BIR did not hit the mark last time). 

But I’ll have to study and review the copy of her speech, the Technical Report, and other statistics regarding the matter to better give my view on its totality. :) 

Yesterday, we our dogs (Debbie - Mini Dachshund and Jade - Shih Tzu) joined the PCCI sponsored Dog Show at Tiendesitas, Pasig City. We were just very hopeful that they would win, or at least get noticed, as it is their first Dog Show ever.

But with much luck, one of our dogs won! Debbie (Mini Dachshund) won Best Baby Puppy in her group! :)

p1010316.jpg p1010317.jpg


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