Last Wednesday was my sister’s birthday! She just turned 16. Our family just ate at home with some relatives. It was just a simple yummy feast. We had some chicken, BBQ, pasta, salad, cake and ice cream!! Here are some pictures:



4 Responses to “Jaja’s Birthday”

  1. humm that cake looks so yummyyy

  2. She’s SIXTEEN?! Oh my! She doesn’t look 16!! And by the way, I didn’t get to greet her :( Greet shobe for me! :( Tell her I didn’t know it was her birthday :( Sorry that I wasn’t able to give a greeting :(

    By the way, she looks ten! *O*

  3. Happy b-day to ur sis! The food looks so good 0.o I agree with amethyst_lover. She does look ten!

  4. Hehe.. She’s 16! :D

    Tiff, she says “thank you!!” :)

    Angel: thanks!

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