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Quoting from my Public Administration 111 professor, Sir Danny Reyes, “The government is like a Brontosaurus… It has a big body…and a small brain.” Of course, that was just a joke. Or is it?

Brontosaurus, or more correctly known as the Apatosaurus, lived to be one of the largest dinosaurs with one of the smallest if not the smallest brain among the creatures.

This creature is my favorite dinosaur when I was still in Grade 5 I think.

Searching about this huge friendly creature led me to knowing about the “Brontosaurus Principle”. It states that:

Organizations can grow faster than their brains can manage them
in relation to their environment and to their own physiology: when
this occurs, they are an endangered species.

– Thomas K. Connellan

6 Responses to “The Government is like a Brontosaurus…”

  1. Oh I think that’s not a joke, but a true and cruel statement! XD
    I like mamenshisaurus… I think that’s the name of the dinousaur with a loong neck… XD

  2. (Well… :D ) I love dinosaurs! X)

  3. HaHa, that is so funny! Big body small brain. Did you draw that picture, superbong? Your bronto is so cute with a weird color though…

  4. Nah, I can’t draw you know… eep. That will look something like sausages or something if I drew it. o.o hahahhahaha!

  5. HaHaHa!!! Aww, I love to eat sausages you know.

  6. hehe… Hungarian sausages… mmhmm… :D

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