I saw this post from Ice Tornado’s site, and I really liked it. I’ll share with you this Hello Kitty sewing machine turned robot! =)

9 Responses to “Hello Kitty Transformers!”

  1. I don’t like transformers T_T Don’t make Hello Kitty into a transformer T_T

  2. eh! i like transformers! weeeeee :) XD

  3. i (L) transformers and I gotta have that!!!!

    soooo cute ^-^

  4. Aww HK fights? Aye, she needs to remove that ribbon to look tougher.

  5. she has to have a bandana? :P hahaha!

  6. You can’t take it out, the ribbon makes her more powerful. You wouldn’t suspect someone with a ribbon to take you out right?

  7. hahahah! yeah! :D

  8. that’s so cool! Although I don’t remember transformers series taht much…
    But if it was real, I would buy one! XD

  9. I’m not that sure if it’s real… hmm… I just saw the post somewhere.. haha!

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