I saw a sign. It was on a truck.

All of a sudden I remembered this blog (i So da Sayn!) which I was visiting recently. I ended up laughing after I read its amusing content.

In the blog description, “i So da Sayn (I saw the sign) is a photo blog of sorts of funny and weird signs found in and around the Metro.”

I was driving along EDSA, going through Roxas Blvd, en route to Binondo. Lo and behold, I saw this funny sign on a truck. “DO NOT FOLLOW ME BECAUSE I’M LOST TOO…”

I wondered, how can this truck go wherever its destination might be. Hmm… I guess that they keep on asking passers-by or the MMDA traffic enforcers of where this and that place may be. But still, I don’t know if this truck can follow these directions.

After all, how can anyone help if they are asked not to follow and to keep their distance?

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