Everyone, look at my new baby! It’s a Yorkshire Terrier. Date of Birth is March 04, 2007, so she will be 3 months on June 04.

We haven’t really decided on what her name will be, but her Pedigree says she’s Mork of Kayems. So, if anyone has any ideas on any cute name, your suggestions are very welcome! :)

The Yorkie cannot trace its ancestry back to antiquity, for it has been with us for little more than 100 years. It is believed that the breed evolved through the crossing of the Skye Terrier with the old Black and Tan Terrier, although it is rumored that the Maltese Terrier and the Dandie Dinmont Terrier may also have contributed to producing this game little breed, which is renowned as a ratter.

*The latter is a picture of the same dog weeks earlier


A Film entry by Paolo Dy in Steven Speilberg’s ON THE LOT, where “aspiring filmmakers can take the first step toward fulfilling their dreams of becoming a Hollywood director…” Enjoy the short film! :)

Unfortunately, his film entry was not chosen as part of the Top 50 semi-finalists in the said reality contest.

You may read the letter QWERTY team released regarding this matter. (here)

Paolo Dy

Paolo Dy is a Filipino-Chinese cinematographer who hails from the island of Cebu. You can check out his work at http://www.paolody.com

One year had passed ~ I am now happy that I am done with my first year in the university. It has been a good experience. A lot had happened already. I can say that I have adjusted very well to the environment in UP. Now that summer classes is nearing its end, it’s now time to pick my subjects and form my first semester schedule for my 2nd year!

Luckily, CRS and RA-ship have been nice. I got all my subjects! :) (see schedule below)

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Yesterday, we had a small despedida party at Auntie Annie’s for my other Aunt who’s leaving this Friday for Canada. As always, the food was great! I love the barbecue, chicken, crab, pasta, shrimp, asado, ice cream, buko pandan… (too bad? I wasn’t able to take pictures)

Adi and Denise’s Identity Switch

Lu Jean’s Camera Tactics

Auntie Nancy, Mimi and the cousins :)

Auntie Nancy and the Dads

Auntie Nancy, Mimi and the Moms

Tan Family (with Mel, extended cousin) XD

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Kim, Laureen and I ended up at Razon’s San Juan before going to Hubert’s house for the AFICS (Alliance of Filipino Chinese Students) meeting before crashing at Sean’s house, then going to AFICS meeting. :)

What perfect merienda to eat in this HOT HOT summer than a Halo-Halo. I believe that everyone would agree with me on this.


Other than their Halo-Halo (Php 65.00), Razon’s also famous for it’s Pancit Luglog (Php 65.00).

pancit luglog

I really enjoy eating in Razon’s mostly because of the Halo-Halo, but I can attest that everything else there is great!


It was my first time to vote, and I feel so accomplished that I have voted and contributed to whatever the result of this election may be.

Now that I have done my duty and right as a legal citizen of the Republic of the Philippines, all I can do is hope and pray that everything will turn out for the better.

But how can you be so certain that everything will turn out well if you have a COMELEC (Commission on Elections) that doesn’t make sure that the so called indelible ink is really indelible? That’s just so wrong.

The Filipino people are left clueless and defenseless against this “fraud”.

I hope something is done about this. The people can only do so much. I just wish that our elected officials and our bureaucracy have the political will to act on this matter.

Joseph Pascual

Hey guys, please vote for my friend, Joseph Pascual (otherjoseph), for both Best Boy’s Blog and Best Use of Photography at Candy Mag Blog Awards

(You have to register to vote :) ) Many Thanks!! :)

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