Out of the 81 Provinces of the Philippines (as of 2006), I have been to 15! That’s just a few, actually. I want to travel to every province (if time and all other factors permit). I would love to see the beauty of my country.

I found this at Ivan Henares’ blog Ivan About Town. So, what about you? Out of the 81 wonderful provinces in the Philippines, how many have you been to? ;)

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  1. have you been to my province of cam.sur?im from naga city actually,but now residing in manila.how i wish that i could travel more often as others.hmpp… money matters, you know

  2. 0, unfortunately…. It’s far far away,,, :(

  3. amla: unfortunately not :( BUT! I would really really love to go to Camarines Sur.. or Naga City..

    luty: yeah… but if, out of the blue, you plan to go to the Philippines, just tell me? lol ^^

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