Since the 28th of May, I have been in UP everyday for Registration Assistant work in AS 101.

Today, I saw Blanch in Palma Hall. She was doing her papers for shifting, and was going to meet her friends. She invited me to have lunch with them [Kaye - who’s going to Europe for a Choral Competition (good luck!!! ;) ), Monci, Janel, Reg and her] at Flaming Wings in Katipunan.

We ordered the Set 2 Meal(everyone of us, actually). I had it with Bleu Cheese Dip and Green Tea. It was yummy and very affordable at Php. 98.00 only.

Oh yeah, and I saw Nicholas Tan and TJ Simeon there with their Ateneo friends. Good times! :)

*Pic courtesy of Blanch

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