Miss Universe 2007 is Miss Japan!

Ms. Riyo Mori, 20 years old from Tokyo, Japan, is Miss Universe 2007. Besting 77 other candidates, she proves to have beauty and brains, and the right to be called Miss Universe.

Other top 5 contestants include: Natalia Guimaraes of Brazil, Honey Lee of Korea, Rachel Smith of USA. Ly Jonaitis of Venezuela, while Miss Photogenic is Anna Licaros of Philippines and Miss Congeniality is Ningning Zhang of China.

Miss Philippines, Anna Licaros

Miss China, Ningning Zhang

*Photos from AP, NBC and Miss Universe Official Site.

15 Responses to “Miss Universe 2007”

  1. Re: first picture — those earrings look so heavy T_T

    Miss China isn’t photogenic XD She must’ve been so poised to make up for it :3

    Miss Philippines certainly look like a true Filipina :D

  2. i agree ^^

  3. The expression on Miss Japan’s face in the first pic.. priceless. :P She’s pretty though :)

  4. Yeah she is!!! ^^

  5. actually, I’m from brazil and I think that the choose was unfair… Miss Japan is not beautiful… Both of my grandparents are japanese and I know a lot of japanese people more beautiful….
    And of course, I think the brazilian one was the most beautiful!!XD But if the fillipine or the korean ones have won it I think that would be less unfair than the japanese one… XD

  6. oh miss Brazil is way gorgeous, she should have won :) hehe

  7. luty: For me she is beautiful, but yes, not as beautiful as Korea ^^ thanks! XD

    suggy: Sorry, I don’t find Miss Brazil that good… :P hehe

  8. Hey, I agree with Luty. There are a lot more prettier girls in Japan but I guess you need more than just the looks. I buy Japanese magazines and I can say most of the models in there are prettier than her but I guess she also has the brains, as superbong said in the post. Not to forget the height, she is very tall for an asian.

  9. Okay, I dont know if she’s really tall but from the pictures posted by superbong, she looks quite well-stretched. :)

    I think the same goes for the Chinese one. Hey, I am just blabla’ing. I am sorry if any of you are their supporter. :)

  10. tingal: i agree.. hahahah! ^^

  11. You added pictures!

    Miss Japan’s face is really expressive! XDDD

  12. Yeah I did! hehe

    She looks really comical…

  13. 中國miss好似冇JP既靚喔~~

  14. Someone want to translate that?

  15. Yeah, anyone? o.o im not that sure…but “China miss…blah…” T_T help?

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