I am just glad that the Visual Editor of Sanriotown Blogs is back! Thank YOU! After a week or more of using html >.<

Anyway, here’s a post from Sunny Side Up

So, this is how he gets his hair done, eh?

Say bye-bye to parlors and barber shops ^^

The new, “do-it-in-bed” hair-do and “out-of-bed” look is in!


8 Responses to “XO’s hair-do!”

  1. lol, :) how cute! :P

  2. ^^

  3. It hurts!

  4. yeah, it must hurt! o.o

  5. to me
    it looks funny :P
    not painful

  6. Lol at the captions — you know how to make it work ;P

  7. LOL, thanks! ;)

  8. How funny!!

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