Everyone, look at my new baby! It’s a Yorkshire Terrier. Date of Birth is March 04, 2007, so she will be 3 months on June 04.

We haven’t really decided on what her name will be, but her Pedigree says she’s Mork of Kayems. So, if anyone has any ideas on any cute name, your suggestions are very welcome! :)

The Yorkie cannot trace its ancestry back to antiquity, for it has been with us for little more than 100 years. It is believed that the breed evolved through the crossing of the Skye Terrier with the old Black and Tan Terrier, although it is rumored that the Maltese Terrier and the Dandie Dinmont Terrier may also have contributed to producing this game little breed, which is renowned as a ratter.

*The latter is a picture of the same dog weeks earlier

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