Out of the 81 Provinces of the Philippines (as of 2006), I have been to 15! That’s just a few, actually. I want to travel to every province (if time and all other factors permit). I would love to see the beauty of my country.

I found this at Ivan Henares’ blog Ivan About Town. So, what about you? Out of the 81 wonderful provinces in the Philippines, how many have you been to? ;)

Since the 28th of May, I have been in UP everyday for Registration Assistant work in AS 101.

Today, I saw Blanch in Palma Hall. She was doing her papers for shifting, and was going to meet her friends. She invited me to have lunch with them [Kaye - who’s going to Europe for a Choral Competition (good luck!!! ;) ), Monci, Janel, Reg and her] at Flaming Wings in Katipunan.

We ordered the Set 2 Meal(everyone of us, actually). I had it with Bleu Cheese Dip and Green Tea. It was yummy and very affordable at Php. 98.00 only.

Oh yeah, and I saw Nicholas Tan and TJ Simeon there with their Ateneo friends. Good times! :)

*Pic courtesy of Blanch

Miss Universe 2007 is Miss Japan!

Ms. Riyo Mori, 20 years old from Tokyo, Japan, is Miss Universe 2007. Besting 77 other candidates, she proves to have beauty and brains, and the right to be called Miss Universe.

Other top 5 contestants include: Natalia Guimaraes of Brazil, Honey Lee of Korea, Rachel Smith of USA. Ly Jonaitis of Venezuela, while Miss Photogenic is Anna Licaros of Philippines and Miss Congeniality is Ningning Zhang of China.

Miss Philippines, Anna Licaros

Miss China, Ningning Zhang

*Photos from AP, NBC and Miss Universe Official Site.

Miss Philippines was proclaimed Miss Photogenic out of 77 wonderful ladies in the ongoing Miss Universe 2007 pageant.

Ms. Anna Theresa Licaros of the University of the Philippines, College of Law has proven to have captivated more than millions of audience around the world, in an internet voting that happened in NBC’s Site.

And as Anna says, “Be the best by choice! achieving and being the best is always the result of a conscious decision, a commitment to excellence.”

The Philippines, throughout the history of Miss Universe Pageant has 2 Miss Universe titles. Miss Universe 1969, Gloria Diaz and Miss Universe 1973, Margarita Moran.

Margarita Moran


*Photos from Wikipedia, NBC Site and Miss Universe Official Site

NEW YORK – Filipino-Chinese John Paul Su was recently awarded the 2006 Aegis Award for his short film “Happy Anniversary.”

The Aegis Awards is the industry’s premier competition for peer recognition of outstanding film/video productions and non-network TV commercials from the U.S. and Canada. Happy Anniversary was honored in the Drama / Entertainment category for its outstanding production quality as judged by distinguished panel of industry professionals from around the nation.

Happy Anniversary has been showing in festivals, since 2005, across the U.S. and around the world including New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Swaziland (South Africa). This is Su’s fourth international award for communications and filmmaking since 2002.

Olivier-Award winning Broadway playwright David Hirson attended Su’s New York screening and said, “Su’s unique vision was evident in the narrative itself, which centers on a relationship of such emotional complexity that it would seem uncontainable in so short a form.”

John Paul likes to film socio-political and domestic themes and observes the dynamics of human interaction, the nuances, the contradictions and use them in his craft.

On his filming style, Su says, “I make sure that I drive the point of the story and bring out the best dramatic impact. So that even after the credits have rolled, the story and the characters will still linger in the audience’s minds.”

Happy Anniversary is about the special dinner that Linda, an Asian woman, has prepared for her American husband George. But things have not always been sweet for both of them, especially for Linda. Tonight, she whips up her best dish yet.

Su works the camera for the ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel’s Balitang America East Coast team. Balitang America is a weekly news program that tackles international issues involving Philippine-American relations, as well as national and local issues affecting the Filipino-American community.

For more information about Happy Anniversary, John Paul Su, or the Aegis Awards please visit www.jpsumultimedia.com, www.aegisawards.com or email jpsu@mac.com.

* John Paul Su is from Xavier Batch 1996.
** Article reposted from Philippine News and AAXS-Smart Group.

University of the Philippines Chinese Student Association had its induction of members yesterday. After all the challenges, we had a scrumptious lunch (as seen from the previous post).

And of course, when there’s a CSA member, there’s always cards and people playing bridge.

Here’s are the cards that Madie brought. How cute!



*2nd photo from Mark Wu*

We had the induction for the 06-07 2nd Semester Applicants and some not yet inducted members today at Krisha Borromeo’s residence in Greenmeadows.

After some time preparing the stuff for induction, this was it. At this point, it was no turning back for the inductees.


After the induction, we all had lunch brought by the caterer Jayne got. The food was good for its very reasonable price. Everyone was full and happy. Not to mention, the delicious desserts Sheena Mau brought. ^^


I am just glad that the Visual Editor of Sanriotown Blogs is back! Thank YOU! After a week or more of using html >.<

Anyway, here’s a post from Sunny Side Up

So, this is how he gets his hair done, eh?

Say bye-bye to parlors and barber shops ^^

The new, “do-it-in-bed” hair-do and “out-of-bed” look is in!


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