I just came from my Aunt’s house for a small get together with some relatives for her birthday! :)

Auntie Mapi, Uncle Steve

We passed by Banapple (225 Katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge Q.C.) to buy Banoffee Pie for my Aunt.

“…two layers of dulce de leche ensconcing ample and thickly sliced cuts of banana atop a buttery graham cracker crust made pleasantly gritty from the white sugar. There’s the requisite swath of whipped cream and then a deviation from tradition with shards of dark chocolate as garnish…” - DessertComesFirst

Surprise, surprise! My other aunt brought the same cake! It was so cool! Everyone’s hooked to the Banoffee! :)

Another cake we ate at the party was a Mango Cake from Conti’s; It was just as good as the Banoffee! (After all those sweets, I really need some exercise… )

11 Responses to “Auntie Mapi’s Birthday; Banapple”

  1. Wow, those chocolate shavings on the cake look incredible!

  2. Yes they are! And, they’re really yummy too! (The whole cake in general…) One comment though is that the crust might be half an inch a little too thick. But I still love the cake!

  3. Mango cake… YUM! :) Hahaha Any left overs?

  4. Well, I dont think so Raein! :) :P hahaha!

  5. ooooooo now that looked good

  6. it tastes good too! :)

  7. Oh manz… the cakes look so nice~!!! *I-AM-JUMPING*

  8. want some? :P hehe

  9. sure but you prolly left none :Dhehe

  10. None?! Awww…

    Are they very generous with the mangoes? The last picture on this post seems to suggest that! Very classy..

  11. Hehehe yeah!! Really very yummy :)

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