So this is what caused all the “tsismisan” (gossip) and the commotion in almost all of the classes in Palma Hall, and in some parts of UP, Diliman. We were taking Socio11 at around 01:00pm and a large cloud of black smoke rose outside the window. Everybody was thinking (well, and hoping?) that it was the Math Building. o_o (in their dreams!)

Photo from Favian Pua

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  1. Why want the math building to be on fire T_T I was taking an exam at the math building at that time.

    You want me to die?!

  2. Y


    i don’t have math anymore. so i won’t care much. xP

  3. WHAHHAHA! that was the “reaction” of my classmates o_o lmao!

  4. mean spellbinder! X_X

  5. Oh no! Some lab explosion?

    Aww.. poor raein…

  6. Nah, well they hoped that it was some sort of a lab explosion or whatnot, but it was in a village near our school (It started from..I don’t know what reason)

  7. Was anyone hurt?

  8. yeah! there are people who were injured…200 families lost their homes..

  9. People I’m not talking to shouldn’t respond to me. Hoping that person dies soon like that person has wished me dead more times than I’ve tried to kill myself (which is zero).

  10. Oh no. :(

  11. Raein Auch is scary. T_T

  12. Hehe, yeah she sometimes scare me…o.o peace raein! :P

  13. Tingal & Ice Tornado: I’m not scary :) It’s an inside joke, don’t worry. Right bong? :3

  14. LOL! yup2! ;)

  15. Hi bong! update lang dun sa fire. It was near our house and it was in the same barangay as us, Krus Na Ligas, and the smoke from there was really huge! Pero as always, Pinoy kasi, we just watched the whole thing as it happened at our third floor, as we ate halo halo and marveling at the sight of the huge black smoke… haha… Buti nalang no one was hurt, but it left some 200 families without a home… some stayed at the gym in maginhawa i think… The fire started when a computer burst into flames daw… Well, buti na lang di umabot sa amin… But i still hope the math building burns down, without Tiff having an exam there of course! LOL!

  16. :)

  17. Yeah, that’s really sad…and oh, thanks for the info Thysz!

    *don’t worry, maybe someone will see your post and make your wish come true? :P


  18. Thysz ah! *evil stare* Hahaha. Hey! The Math building’s not the problem XD It’s he subject! Oooh. Computer shop?

  19. Reply is late, browsing some kitty stuff (for my sister, a technophobe). Isn’t it weird? Whenever election comes, “fires” happen in places such as KNL?

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