After attending Church today, my family went to Tiendesitas to watch the second day of PCCI Dog Show. Here are some of the pictures (of the Doberman category)

After a long hot day walking at Tiendesitas and at Metrowalk after, we ended up driving-thru Jollibee, and buying Ice Craze: Saba Con Yelo! Yummy. What a good way to refresh and get rid of the summer heat (at least temporarily).

8 Responses to “Tiendesitas, Metrowalk, Jollibee”

  1. What’s with the dog show?

  2. I love dogs! Well, those were the “buddies” of my dad. Well, they were into dog show-ing before. And our dog was the Phil Grand Champion. XD (doberman..)

  3. Wooooohhhhh. Yabang XD

    My dogs a mixed breed. Half doberman, half mini pincher. Think mini doberman XDD

  4. Omg! How did that happen?! I cannot imagine! o_o The Horror! haha XDD

  5. Heyyyy. It’s not horrible! :P Cute nga eh :3

  6. fine! lemme see it! :) pics? ;)

  7. I love westland terrier!

  8. Oh cool! though, i havent seen a westland terrier…

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