I had an early lunch at the Loyola House in Ateneo today. Brother Jhaw, S.J. cooked a special…100% fat…Pasta Aligue (crab fat) XD (Yes, I know, it’s just for today.. So don’t worry.. ) It is so delicioso!

I brought some Devils Food Cake from Chocolate Kiss (UP Diliman), Nicholas brought some beef steak from Ateneo and Stevenson brought a Chemistry book ;)

Despite the “flaming” heat of this summer, the company of a former adviser and some high school friends made everything somewhat cozy and perfect.

After Ateneo, I went back to UP in time for my 1:00pm Socio11 class. Ma’am Anna was a lot different from the prof I used to have last semester at Socio10. (laughs) She’s putting law practices (re: recitation) and law jargon in our lesson/ discussions. I hope it turns out for the better. :)

Later this afternoon, I had Ultimate Frisbee with Tim, Cokie, Chris Ng, and other classmates in PE. Tossing. Catching. Practicing the backhand throw. *Oh, I just love that I could play again!* It has been more or less a year now since I last played. :|

“Ah-hoom!!” :D

*I’m very very sorry for not posting pictures!! I forgot to bring my digi-cam…Yes, I know; It’s a sin not to have your digi-cam. I promise I will not do that again.* XD

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