Guess what… Today, my family decided to go to San Juan, Batangas to check out the beaches. So there, from “out of the blue”, I went with them on a beach hopping trip to Laiya, San Juan, Batangas! (how cool is that?! :) )

We left Manila at around 1:30pm…after having lunch in KFC, Katipunan Branch (since not so many restaurants were open today - Good Friday).

It was a 2.5-3 hr drive from Manila. The road was okay, until before Laiya, which still has rough road terrain until the last beach (Palm Beach Resort). We arrived at the beach at around 4:00-4:30pm. We checked out some beach resorts. (I really hoped that we could have stayed longer, but.. :( ) Anyway, After going to several beaches, we left at around 6:30pm. Whew.

It certainly was a fun day. (spending it with my family..)

Here are some of the resorts we went to.

Kabayan Beach Resort

La Luz Beach Resort

Blue Coral Beach Resort

Virgin Beach Resort

Laiya Coco Grove

If I have to rate all the beaches we went to earlier (considering the price, the location, the crowd, and overall impact), I’ll have to give… 1st place to Virgin Resort, 2nd place to Laiya Coco Grove and 3rd place to La Luz Resort.

I would really love to stay overnight at Laiya Coco Grove, but I love the beach and the atmosphere in Virgin Resort. The facilities and the place is good at La Luz and Blue Coral, but the cheapest would be in Kabayan. *sighs*

I’m going back to La Luz this Monday, April 9 with CSA! yehey!!! XD

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