So today, my family ate at World Chicken in Katipunan, Q.C. (near/ in front of Ateneo) after Church. As always, the food there is good!

World Chicken Favorite (Php 155.00)

World Chicken Terriyaki (Php 129.00)

Whole Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal* (Php 144.00) *with bottomless iced tea

Mom, Dad, Guama and ate at Han Pao yesterday before going to Xavier Batch 2006 Mass. Here are the food we ate (yumm!) :D

Salt and Pepper Squid (Php 220.00)

Spicy Beancurd (Php 145.00)

Mixed Seafood with Polonchay (Php 120.00)

*Well, Han Pao Tea House will always be a classic - one of the good Chinese restaurants!*

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