March 22, 2007

I have been harrassed by lots of exams and requirements (and even as I am typing this, I am worrying about the other things I have to do; but also, I am hopeful about the day I finish all my requirements=summer :) )

So I just want to share the huge cake (Mango Bravo) of my mom; we bought it from Conti’s. We just ate at home. :)


…on the same day, it was our last PE-Weight Training day :)



Special mention to M’am Rey and Sir Justin, and to those who are not in the picture/ *always absent or late* (har-har)

P.S. We’ll surely miss the 500 crunches, and all the exercises…aww… :(

Determined to have the “world’s largest” everything by 2010, China recently unveiled the “world’s largest” bus, the Youth Daily reported earlier this week. The Chinese manufacturer, named Zhejiang Young Man Vehicle Group, introduced the 25-meter-long “Superliner” at Shanghai’s Busworld Asia 2007 convention (how did we miss that one?). The bus has five doors, 40 seats, carries up to 300 passengers and, according to a driver, “is flexible when cornering.”


Yesterday, my family went to Tagaytay City, down south of Metro Manila. My mom had to meet with someone. We stayed at my Ninang’s house. 


Janelle and I

I am happy - it was my first time to drive out of town. (100-120kph! woohoo! XD *kids, please do not follow me…*) 

The trip was very fruitful/relaxing! I checked out the house we  (CSA) would rent for our sem-ender. (very nice huge house with swimming pool)  

People, meet Myka! The Pomeranian of my Ninong! :) Isn’t she cute?!



“Whatcha looking at?”

The atmosphere there was very cool/cold. I really hope that Metro Manila would be as cold as Tagaytay (*sniff sniff*)

But anyway, I did not regret to have gone with my family yesterday (supposedly, I would have not gone with them because I had an exam today I was studying for)

On the way home, we had a stop over at Mr. Moo’s and Thermos Bakeshop at the left side of the main road going to Sta. Rosa (If you’re coming from Tagaytay)


I got to taste a very delicious chicken/beef pie and carabao’s milk!

Dear Daniel Rocker and His Kitty Wife!

Dear Daniel Businessman and Kitty Wife? (-_-)

Hello Kitty Geisha!

Hello Kitty Tourist

Hello Kitty colorful. (haha)

*pictures are taken from Bifang

So everyone, meet my mom! XD She’s wearing ~ advertising one of our shirts.


On her is a Sandy Tiu design (Waiting for Forever..)

Available sizes are (S, M, L)


Sam Matthew :) Babies are cute!

Last Sunday, we went to Sam Matthew’s, the son of my dad’s cousin, 1st birthday! XD It was “Cars” themed. The food was great! :)I just hated the act/entertainer/clown if you may…he was really lame. I’m so sorry; is it a sign that I am getting older each day? 

Well, I was once a little boy who enjoyed these parties for their games; i.e., bring me. (hahaha) 

But now, I go to celebrate with the birthday celebrant, of course, for the tête-à-tête with people my age (well, apparently, not that many, from my age, are fond of these kiddie parties~ I think.), and the FOOD! 

I’m not that old. o.o ~ XD


      Luj and I “eating” the big balloon.      


Justin, Luj and I


My other cousin, Lester!

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I just got this from Auntie Rossana’s post in her blog. Her daughter made this for her trip with my mom to Boracay. =) Just wanted you guys to see the Hello Kitty stickers. XD


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