Book Cover Clues and First Official Text

The final book is just months away. We can’t help but feel mixed emotions. Finally it is going to be released. Everyone can’t wait anymore for what would happen to Harry and his friends. Of course, who would forget Lord Voldemort.

Here’s the Scholastic version of the cover (same version that would be released in the Philippines)

What are they (Harry and Voldemort) both reaching for??

Here’s the Bloomsbury cover of the book.

Now, here’s the UK Adult Cover

Quoting from Jayvee Chun, “Is that the missing locket from Half-Blood Prince: the one Harry and Dumbledore set forth to find only to weaken the headmaster and made him easy to kill? Will this be the real one? And will R.A.B. finally be revealed? Is he Regulus Arcturus Black, Sirius’ dead brother briefly mentioned in Order of the Phoenix? Will that guess be correct?” (All we can do is speculate, and wait for the book)

The First Official Text from the Book

Harry has been burdened with a dark, dangerous and seemingly impossible task: that of locating and destroying Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes. Never has Harry felt so alone, or faced a future so full of shadows. But Harry must somehow find within himself the strength to complete the task he has been given. He must leave the warmth, safety and companionship of The Burrow and follow without fear or hestitation the inexorable path laid out for him.

In this final, seventh installment of the Harry Potter series, J,K, Rowling unveils in spectacular fashion the answers to the many questions that has been so eagerly awaited. The spellbinding, richly woven narrative, which plunges, twists and turns at a breathtaking pace, confirms the author as a mistress of storytelling, whose books will be read, reread and read again.

Arthur Levine, the editor of the Harry Potter books says:

“We’re seeing Harry in a very interesting situation. Readers will find out exactly what the situation is.

“When I was reading it, I had both the excitement and the power of the book, and the plot, driving me forward. But I was also feeling a little sad. It’s the last time.”

When Levine admitted he “sobbed and sobbed” while reading Deathly Hallows, he was asked the following:

“That means someone we like dies, doesn’t it?”

“Well, it means it is a very, very emotional book,” he responded.

The book will be released in the Philippines on JULY 21, 2007.

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