So, here’s my summer class schedule in UP!

I am very much excited for my MPs10 Class under Rene O. Villanueva!!! (one of the “gods” of Philippine Literature) XD

I hope Socio11 will be a great class. :) Oh, plus Ultimate Frisbee:)

I have my 9:00am-1:00pm breaks for:

a.) UP CSA Planning

b.) New Org Planning (Purple Chair Project, as of the moment)

c.) Possibility of forming a new political party in NCPAG. ;)


Jennifer and I went to Joyce’s house earlier to do our Psychology 101 Final Project (CD Compilation).

Here’s the label/ cover of our CD project.

I really had fun doing this. Uhm, many thanks to JOSEPH PASCUAL for his photos. So we finished everything today, just in time for the deadline tomorrow.

That’s not cramming. XD well, fine. It is! But, we’re all swamped with work before today, so we didn’t really had the choice of doing it earlier? :P

I hope Sir TonTon gives us 1.0 :D

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