Candy Mag recently featured one of Sanriotown’s blogs - KT Sanctuary, which blogs mostly about “Hello Kitty at her coolest.”

Congratulations! Keep up the good work of informing us about Hello Kitty stuff! XD  

March 22, 2007

I have been harrassed by lots of exams and requirements (and even as I am typing this, I am worrying about the other things I have to do; but also, I am hopeful about the day I finish all my requirements=summer :) )

So I just want to share the huge cake (Mango Bravo) of my mom; we bought it from Conti’s. We just ate at home. :)


…on the same day, it was our last PE-Weight Training day :)



Special mention to M’am Rey and Sir Justin, and to those who are not in the picture/ *always absent or late* (har-har)

P.S. We’ll surely miss the 500 crunches, and all the exercises…aww… :(

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