Yesterday, my family went to Tagaytay City, down south of Metro Manila. My mom had to meet with someone. We stayed at my Ninang’s house. 


Janelle and I

I am happy - it was my first time to drive out of town. (100-120kph! woohoo! XD *kids, please do not follow me…*) 

The trip was very fruitful/relaxing! I checked out the house we  (CSA) would rent for our sem-ender. (very nice huge house with swimming pool)  

People, meet Myka! The Pomeranian of my Ninong! :) Isn’t she cute?!



“Whatcha looking at?”

The atmosphere there was very cool/cold. I really hope that Metro Manila would be as cold as Tagaytay (*sniff sniff*)

But anyway, I did not regret to have gone with my family yesterday (supposedly, I would have not gone with them because I had an exam today I was studying for)

On the way home, we had a stop over at Mr. Moo’s and Thermos Bakeshop at the left side of the main road going to Sta. Rosa (If you’re coming from Tagaytay)


I got to taste a very delicious chicken/beef pie and carabao’s milk!

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