Sam Matthew :) Babies are cute!

Last Sunday, we went to Sam Matthew’s, the son of my dad’s cousin, 1st birthday! XD It was “Cars” themed. The food was great! :)I just hated the act/entertainer/clown if you may…he was really lame. I’m so sorry; is it a sign that I am getting older each day? 

Well, I was once a little boy who enjoyed these parties for their games; i.e., bring me. (hahaha) 

But now, I go to celebrate with the birthday celebrant, of course, for the tête-à-tête with people my age (well, apparently, not that many, from my age, are fond of these kiddie parties~ I think.), and the FOOD! 

I’m not that old. o.o ~ XD


      Luj and I “eating” the big balloon.      


Justin, Luj and I


My other cousin, Lester!

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