I just received an email from the Comelec of CSA - my organization in the University of the Philippines Diliman, and it goes like this:

Here are the results of the CSA Elections 2007:

  • For President: Kimberly Ong
  • For Vice President: Brian Ong
  • For Secretary General: Scott Ong
  • For Finance Committee Chairperson: Jayne Li
  • For Cultural & Socials Committee Chairperson: Krisha Borromeo
  • For Academics & Research Committee Chairperson: Jarvin Co
  • For Public Relations Officer: Laureen Lukban

Congratulations to the new batch of officers! May you continue the exemplary performance of this year’s executive committee.”

So the BIG NEW’s out.. as Christopher Ng said (guy in the picture) : “The Ong’s have it!”    o.o

-_-;;  whahaha!

Yey! I won.. I won! (so.. “this is the start of something new..” :) )Thanks to all you guys who supported me!!! ~ I hope I’ll be able to meet your expectations next school year!  :3

photography by: sean tiu

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