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Posted on Jun, 29, 2015

I feel so bad for not updating for a few days, sorry!! I don’t know, I couldn’t find much to write on for a few days, also I have a bit in the slums lately, I’ve been losing hair in weird quarter sized patches on my head and it’s frightening because I don’t think it’s normal to lose patches of hair under 20 and being female. Anyway, I scheduled an appointment at the doctors and went in last week. They couldn’t tell me much, because they weren’t 100% certain they could pin-point what was wrong with me.

So guess what? They had to get blood samples from me.

Now from past experiences, I have been a bit of a drama queen and a baby about it, I just don’t like the thought of a sharp needle being injected into me. Yikes. But this time, I went in being brave and not freaking out!

It went really well, the nurses were very nice and I was able to squeeze onto a heart shaped stress squishy. So when they finished, I was about to get up when—


I have never fainted in my life and let me just say it was a weird experience. It was like a wave of heavy air suddenly came down on me and caused me to fall backwards.

So after that they gave me a juice box, then a nurse helped me out to my car. Thank goodness my mom drove me or I wouldn’t had been able to make it.

But yeah, long story short: Overcoming your fear of needles is harder than it looks. Also: My mom believes I won’t ever have children. 



4 Responses to “Needles=NOPE”

  1. I have a fear of needles too. I am thirty-eight years old and I cry and whine when I have to get a blood sample done. The last time it took a long time because I was in an hospital and they wanted to check a lot of things. I also never can look when they do it. I hope your tests shows you have nothing wrong and they can find what is going on with your hair.

  2. I’m 34 and I can’t really stand needles, but never fainted from one. I had my blood drawn so many times, it left a dark blue mark where the needle was inserted numerous times.

    I’m not planning to get married and have kids, besides I prefer the single life I have now.

    As for the hair falling out, it could be stress.

  3. I used to be afraid of needles when I was a kid, I even would kick the nurses, but then when I became I teenager I stopped being afraid of them, in fact now I barely feel the needle or I don’t feel it at all, the same thing goes for the medication.

    Now I’m a nurse, so I should not be afraid of those stuff.
    I hope they find a cure for your hair.

  4. @Shumibiggi: Thank you! Yay, we’re twins in the needle department! :p
    @Kittynator: Awww that does not sound fun. I still have yet to get a bruise mark but when that day comes I’ll probably be a big baby about it! Good for you, I still don’t know what I really want to do in my life, I might just pursue my career. But you never know who will be brought into your life! c: Yeah?? I just hope so, but I can’t figure out what might be causing this stress…
    @Victorsaurus: Whoa, you were a fighter! :o I wish that was the same way for me, I tried my best not to think about it but it still got me all fainty and pale! Good for you though overcoming those!!

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