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[Song of the Day] Pity Party

Posted on Jun, 17, 2015

 This song is sung by Melanie Martinez but although it is an orignal song, the chorus is an adaption of It’s My Party by Leslie Gore.

I really appreciate this song because it gives out that “smiling through my tears” vibe. It also has the little girl 1960s vibe to it and that fits into my aesthetic tastes. But the thing I really appreciate about this song is that I relate to it a lot with the whole no one wants to hang out with you and you’re giving off the front that you’re making the best of it.image

You can listen to it here:



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  1. This is a good song. I never heard it before, thanks for posting it. I too can relate to this. I did have a few friends here and there but not a lot and not for a long time except my last one which I thought was a real friend but years later I realised that she was not.

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