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I’m Bunny♡

Posted on Jun, 16, 2015

imageWoops, should’ve made an introduction post here before I started to rant about FAE in my previous post. :p My name is Bunny, I’m a cosmetology major and I love Hello Kitty. I should’ve found this site sooner!  I can’t wait to meet everyone on here, because this looks like such a sweet community! Also, I am trying to download Hello Kitty Online, just got to wait for that to finish! ♡




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  1. Hi! I have been a member since December 29 of 2014 and have been very busy since then so I have not done a lot here. I did have some time to check the forums at the start and I posted on some threads but since then I only have a few minutes every day to come here and check what is going on and of course talk to the people who talked to me. Anyway welcome to SanrioTown and I hope you enjoy it here!

  2. I can be found in hello kitty online on both servers at times and on sanriotown forums.

    The guide to hko is http://wiki.hellokittyonline.com and you’re free to contact me on sanriotown forums.

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