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Reflections of Hello Kitty Online Founders beta from Sundaygirl:

I am not very good at writing, but I love to take pictures! I hope my pictures tell a story about my adventures in Hello Kitty Online ^_^

My first meeting with Hello Kitty. I was SO excited!

Who can forget Kenman? LOL I still wonder if he went insane trying to get those Leopard Leader glasses xD

My first time in Paris - A nice welcome.

Paris was like cute overload!

I wonder if we will see performances with Melody?

When I got my Florapolis wand.. read what I said about it lol

Me taking my dino Meraschino out for a walk. I met a new friend too! He had lost his pet cur because he accidently hit the ‘Drop Pet’ button, thinking that it would drop the pet to his side. I felt so bad for him I gave him my cur deed that I had not used yet. He was very happy and that made me feel good ^_^


Dino’s were the pet of the month! Teehee!


Kitty’s Birthday! She turned 34 this year. We are almost the same age, as I just turned 37 ^_^  London was decorated so nicely for her birthday.


How yummy does that cake look? MMMM!



How could Kitty think no one remembered her birthday? ^_^

Inside was just as adorable as outside! And MMM tastey treats!

Also got a nice HK Birthday shirt :D

It was so neat to see all the characters there for Kitty’s birthday. *tear*

 I got in on the finishing touches for Joy.Sa’s house. It was SO adorable!


What was he thinking? xD

Build New York event on the way! Misfits just started on there buildings:

The GM’s playing a trick on all of us xD

This is what happens when you are working on a house for hhooouuurrs! You  start to go a little insane..


Misfits is one of the two to complete Grand Central Station! All that insanity paid off ^_^  I am the lucky one to get that building on my lot. It has many fond memories now, I hope its still there when we come back!

 Finished building:

Attack of the Kevs!!!! :O  The Piniata Event!

 Nice turnout for it:

Poor GM’s had crowds chasing them trying to trade for prizes. This was one of my favorite events, it was so much fun:

I did not win a Sheep from the event, but my friend Wynn had an extra one and gave it to me. I LOVE my little sheepy! Her name is Sugar Cube ^_^ She is grazing in my garden here:

A friend I thought I had made.. Maybe she still is, I suppose we shall see..

Me taking Sugar Cube for a walk in Florapolis ^_^


HKera does NOT have a green thumb :o

Waka was trying on clothes right in the middle of Florapolis! In front of everyone! :O

Hmmm.. there was quite a breeze that day xD

 Getting ready for the Kevent Event! What shall I wear? *ponder*


Nice day for an event ^_^

Look at the chat..Butters made me LOL

 Misftis got third place in the Food for Friends charity event! YAY I am so proud of them all!  abrieLLa^_^ did such a good job collecting, poor girl, we had her chained up in her farm practically the whole time xD  j/k teehee

Somebody wasnt too happy.. I cant even post some of what happend next.  :(

 No one let that ruin there day.. this was the last day of HKO Founders Beta! We decided to go to the beach and have some fun:

M for …..


 Next we went to Paris to the Moulan Rouge. This is my favorite guild pic ^_^ 

I just wish everyone could have been online at that moment and in the picture.


Vixen got to see Hello Kitty appear at the Harbour! We all ran there as fast as we could LOL

 Looks like the start of a HKO Beach Bash!

People started to pour in..

Apparently Azog is uncomfortable in his beach wear xD

 The very last moments before it was all over… Everyone was getting a bit emotional and I dont think there was one person there who wanted it to end.

The Last Minute:

 Couldnt have asked for a better way to end it, with Kitty right there with us. Until next time HKO!!

The Last Screenshot:

My HKOEvent Movie for Frightspinners! ^_^

awe seems like the music isnt working :(

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