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What madness is this?!


Okay I’ll stop right there. I’m a frequent Ebay shopper and seeing bizarre things everyday on the site is nothing new. Today, I came accross something so eccentric I don’t know if this art should be hated or appreciated. Halo’s mighty green-armored Spartan, The Master Chief, has become…a pony.

Optimus Prime: Hey! You’re no Transformer!

Anyway, buffoonery aside, this piece of “art” is being auctioned on Ebay. So if ever you have a friend who’s a Halo fan at the same time crazy about ponies, give them a heads up about this customized figure. Here’s a short description by the seller:

“This is a OOAK Master cheif [sic] in His MJOLNIR IV armor as seen in HALO 3.
He is fully sculpted with Apoxie sculpt. The armor has been weathered, to give it an authentic battle look.
He also won second place in the Kentucky anime/gaming/comic custom pony contest.”

W-h J: Imagine Barbie riding on a Master Chief Pony…

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