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Hey guys!! umm i’m just here to share with you my links before i begin blogging



blogspot piczo

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  1. Ow, no problem! Well, in the friends links they’re not flash, they’re gif images (images on format .gif, that move, u must have seen it before, like the “sign up here” image on ur blog). When u add a link on ur blogroll, u have the option of adding an img too, there u just put an image that it’s .gif and it’ll move ^^

  2. Now for the counter: 1st u have to have an account on www.easycounter.com

    Then u’ll create a new category on ur blogroll just for the counter (like “counter” or whatever u want). Now u’ll create a new link on ur blogroll that’ll go on the new category. On url u’ll put “http://www.easycounter.com” (without the “”), and for image address u’ll put the link for ur user in easycounter (something like “http://www.easycounter.com/counter.php?yourusername”)

    That’s it ^^ if u have more doubts, feel free to ask me ok ;)

  3. For the counter, u have to create an account on www.easycounter.com. Then u’ll create a new category on ur blogroll, and add a new link on this category. On the url u’ll put http://www.easycounter.com, and for the image address u’ll put http://www.easycounter.com/counter.php?yourusername (remember it’s the username from easycounter, not sanriotown ^^

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