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Work.: A new record indeed! Alam ko ngayon lang ako nagka-px ng ganitong kadami. Badtrip lang kas dapat tinantya ko yung oras nung hapon. Nagkapatong-patong tuloy. sayang yung isa pang px nung afternoon, resched na lang sa wednesday kay bosing. naasar pa nga ng konti yung isang ale kasi late na. hihihi. never again! pero sayang kasi yung procedures. 
            Ngayon lang ako nakaencounter ng taong allergic sa lahat ng gamot, even vitamins! nalimutan ko na nga yung tawag eh. Uminom lang ng vit water, ayun nagkareaction sya! kawawa naman. Sana di namana nung anak nya yung sakit nya. Yung anak naman nya di ko naintindihan yung proedure na ginawa sa kanya. Masakit sibra daw yung #75. Tissue repair daw yung tawag. Instant relief nga! Ask ko nga si babysteps sabi nya baka yung LSTR. Oo nga. worry ko lang kung namana nya yung condition ng dad nya, eh 3 kinds of abx yun, baka magka-rxn. Delayed kasi ang rectin sa dad. Pero parang 1 week na yata yung sa bata. Wag sana.
          Si Ate - ay B lang pala dapat kasi pareho lang kami 27- aalis na sa march. how sad. pero ika nga nya gusto naman nya umangat sa buhay. magaling kasi sya and mabait pa. basta gusto ko sya kasama sa clinic kahit madalang kami magusap. hay. but she has to move on. magaaral sya sa province. itutuloy nya daw yung course nya 2 years na lang ah.

Personal: si sis nagyayaya na talaga mag-saudi. kako di talaga ako payagan nila mama. si kuya ok lang sa kanya sa dubai ako kasi yung HS friend nya na dentist, dental assisstant sa dubai. kaya ko ba? bahala na. Pero tuloy ako sa wednesday sa mediola. di ko pa nga naaayos yung resume ko.

Friends: Mukang sasama si babysteps sa subic. bka yun na yung bday celebration nya. whoo ang aga! madaya! out kami ni chito. magastos n pupunta din kasi kami nila kuya sa subic sa feb. maluho nmn na ako masyado kung magkalapit na weekend ako maga-absent diba.

That’s pretty much what I do now. I’m now doing the “digging Deeper” quest. I’m at lvl 12 and I have to fight lvl 14 and 15 monsters. Is that fair? *sigh* It’s not really that easy to earn money in HKO for food. Farming takes a long while too. I don’t understand why they made it harder now?! I was able to participate in the first Founder’s beta, it wasn’t this hard.  It’s more annoying and frustrating than fun. You might say, “So why are you still playing then?” Well, it just goes to show how much of an addict I am. ^_^ But seriously, they should do something about this!

The typhoon Santi hit Metro Manila last night, but the wind was at it’s peak during the wee hours of the morning. The storm signal is #3, so not much rain but the wind is really strong, the tree across the street was uprooted. Good thing it did not hit anything or anyone. The power went out here last night and was back up around noon.

Funny thing was, my boss told me not to go to the clinic anymore since the patients might not show up but around 10 am the sun was shining happily! Sayang :p. It.s now 2:18 pm here and it’s now pretty cloudy. It’s still flooded in some parts of the metro and this storm just had to make a stop here. *sigh*. I just hope they’re going to be ok.

Kitty’s birthday is tomorrow, I hope to see you guys in London! (Hope the power wont be out, and no flood either.)

Whee! I was able to play last night. It took me one whole day to download the game. Way big! I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s a little easier to gather the loots needed for the quests than the other beta.

I’m now done with the Sanrio Harbor quests and finally moving on to Floralopolis.

Any HKO philippines player out there my IG name is Winry maybe we could whack some pinatas together in Wonderful server! I tried busting one alone, it took me forever but I got 8 tokens. See yah!

I don’t know if I’m just paranoid or maybe we’re starting to drift apart. I suppose it’s inevitable. I’m not exactly the type of girl that everyone loves, nor the funnest person to be with. I’m just an average girl. Are you enjoying your vacation so much that you barely remember me? I guess I’m asking too much but one message would do, just to give me a peace of mind.  I don’t call often so you wont get annoyed but whenever I talk to you you seem so busy, so blank. Are you tired of me? It hurts whenever you tell me to just call you later or you’re in the middle of your game. We barely see each other and the only for of connection we have is through the phone. Please don’t tell me I’m just being paranoid. I hope I’m just paranoid.

Mimmy’s Kitty’s twin right? So it’s her Birthday too right? Don’t you think it’s mean that only Kitty is getting this kind of treatment and recognition, while Mimmy’s just on the background?

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