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The typhoon Santi hit Metro Manila last night, but the wind was at it’s peak during the wee hours of the morning. The storm signal is #3, so not much rain but the wind is really strong, the tree across the street was uprooted. Good thing it did not hit anything or anyone. The power went out here last night and was back up around noon.

Funny thing was, my boss told me not to go to the clinic anymore since the patients might not show up but around 10 am the sun was shining happily! Sayang :p. It.s now 2:18 pm here and it’s now pretty cloudy. It’s still flooded in some parts of the metro and this storm just had to make a stop here. *sigh*. I just hope they’re going to be ok.

Kitty’s birthday is tomorrow, I hope to see you guys in London! (Hope the power wont be out, and no flood either.)

HKO Philippine sever loot list

    Sanrio Harbor

Pangurian [2]: gravel
Starbeam [1]: Slime
Spiral wood [1]: Small splinters, willow
Shamrock [1]: clover, rare clover
Dark Opal Basil [1]: dark opal basil, mysterious leaves
Bush [1]: short sticks, fragmented branch

    South Dream Forest

Boxpig [4]: boxpig’s appetite, boxpig’s comfort
Pinbee [4]: pinbee’s frills, precious honey, pinbee’s fury

    West Dream Forest

Webley: damaged cobwebs, webley webs, webley’s spell
Kaolit [3]: short rattan, long rattan, long curvy vine

Whee! I was able to play last night. It took me one whole day to download the game. Way big! I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s a little easier to gather the loots needed for the quests than the other beta.

I’m now done with the Sanrio Harbor quests and finally moving on to Floralopolis.

Any HKO philippines player out there my IG name is Winry maybe we could whack some pinatas together in Wonderful server! I tried busting one alone, it took me forever but I got 8 tokens. See yah!

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