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My Wonderful World of HKO speech for class

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

What popular characted recently celebrated her thirty sixth birthday on November 1st but will always be in the 3rd grade. If you guessed Hello Kitty you are correct. Hello Kitty, a white kitten with a red bow, was created in 1974 as a character by Sanrio to be featured on a coin purse. Hello Kitty has gained in popularity with all ages and is now one of the most widely recognized characters in the world. She is featured on a wide variety of products, from purses, jewelry, and lunchboxes, to cars tattoos and household appliances. She even has two themeparks built around her. She is so popular she is now the basis of an online MM0 which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online for the gamer that loves a little cuteness in their games. With the rising popularity in games this is no surprise. Today I will telling you about the different aspects oh HKO, that are making the games popularity rise. I will be explaining simple game play, the community, and HKO’s contributations to charity.

First the game play, In HKO your goal is to travel through the various maps based around major world cities and do various quests to wake up Hello Kittys friends with the main goal being to wake up Hello Kitty herself. While most MMOS require the deafeating of creatures or monsters to gain levels, HKO requires the gathering and crafting of various items. Using tools you collect resources by woodcutting, gathering, mining, and planting. You also collect some items from stunning creatures, often called mobs. Creatures in HKO sometimes drop what is called a pet card. A pet card is used by a player to have a pet follow you around and serves the purpose of being a cute companion and boosting your stats as the pet levels along side you. The items collected are then used to craft other items such as food which is used in healing, tools and weapons, clothes, both which boost stats, and furniture to decorate your house. In game events, and an item mall which requires points earned on or real life cash offer clothes that are aesthetically pleasing rather than upping your stats.

Now I will discuss HKO’s in game community. Often its most raved about aspect, HKO’s community is often friendly, fun, and light in deameanor. Players which range from all ages but mostly consist of late teens threw adults are helpful and kind. They are almost always willing to offer game advice, and often form tight bonds with each other. HKOers have a wide variety of ways to communicate including: in game chat, guilds, private messaging, email, blogs, and forums. To wrap it up HKOs caring and fun natured players are one of its shining aspects.

Lastly, is HKO’s contributations to charity. HKO has charity events often where players collect and craft items to donate in game. In turn Sanrio Digital donates an amount of money equalling up to the players donations to a charity. In 2008 over 12 thousand dollars was donated to unicef and the Asian Youth Orchestra threw players donations of in game food. A couple months later threw the donation of in game items, 183 t-shirts and 84 bags were donated to an orphanage. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti players once again crafted food in game leading to 18 thousand dollars being donated to Doctors Without Borders. This past septemeber players cleaned up a chocolate spill in game to donate 6 thousand dollars each to Unicef and Oceana to help with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, and the floods in Pakistan. As we speak players are buying in game breast cancer research bundles, which contain an in game t-shirt and wand, to donate money to theĀ  reasearch of breast cancer. Players are also donating presents in game towards Save the children which provides aid for those affected by the typhoon in the Phillipines, and for the Asian Youth Orchestra.

In conclusion while Hello Kitty Online provides a fun, diverse, cute way to game, it also provides a great community and a chance to make a difference. If the game play, or the cute characters, dont win you over, the warm giving hearts of the players just might do it.