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What smells make you feel like you are at home? or bring you peace?


So on to the sense of scent. The smell that makes me head turn?

I love the smell of fresh cut grass reminds me of lazy summers riding on my grandpas tractor with him, the smell of fresh baked cookies takes me back to my grandmas kitchen and scraping the bowl, irish spring just love the clean smell, fuel or gas reminds me of being a kid watching my uncles work on race cars, sharpies just cause i love that smell, the smell of my daughters head after a day of play, smells like summer, and childhood, mostly I love the smell of spring when everything is awakening or being born.

So the challenge today kiddies… what smell brings you that sense of peace or home?


One Response to “What smells make you feel like you are at home? or bring you peace?”

  1. Ying Dong Says:

    The smell of cooked tofu on the street and the market! The smell of dried fish and abalone, of cooked food on the street and sizzling oil in the heat…

    and yummy food.

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