“I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand.” - Charles M. Schulz

Week 16

Don’t know how I do it, but one minute I’m looking at my blog - right at the previous week’s entry, then the next, I totally forget what # I’m on. It happens every time! Seriously, memory of a goldfish, which is 3 seconds. I had to say it on my high school’s TV show once.

Ugly Betty ended onĀ  Wednesday night after 4 years on ABC. First, Pushing Daisies, now UB. What is the world coming to? I wasn’t a dedicated fan, but I adored both shows just the same. Quirky, colorful characters and crazy story lines - what’s not to love? These two were unbelievably different from everything else on TV - all the reality shows, cop shows, medical shows, various CSI spawn, etc.

I almost teared up. Le sigh, c’est la vie.

In other news, I just finished 12 books in about 25ish hours. Had the smack-myself-in-the-head revelation that I could’ve just eBook-ed my books for free. Instead, I ordered 3 boxed sets on Amazon and those were only 9/12 that I had left to read of the Stephanie Plum series, which I am now in love with. Can’t wait for #16! That’s ironic.

I need a life. That’s another series I’m obsessed with; this is gonna kill me - curse me and my freaking reading addictions. I am also extremely disappointed that the canon couple is not more supported in fanfiction. Ugh, I live for FF and now my hopes are squashed. TEAM CUPCAKE!

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  1. brb1006:mymelody.com Says:

    come on please can you make adorable sprites of mocha inside a hearts beating and mocha inside blowing a kiss and another one where mocha is giggling while the heart in the backround is beating and another one where mocha is doing a adorable dance then at the end she blows a kiss while her ears wiggle

  2. brb1006:mymelody.com Says:

    and a few sprites of shirousa wiggling his bow tie by wiggling it with his hands

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