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He apologised =)

January 15th, 2007 by

He came with a packet of chilli and ate only 1 of them. He said 7 (B-R-E-A-K-U-P) but I think they’re really hot.


He rushed to rinse his mouth after a bite. Still he finished it…


And this bouquet of flowers which I kept emphasizing that  it’s a must.


The card that do the speaking.

Updating the current situation

January 5th, 2007 by

He left camp later than usual because of some coward who created a mess and didn’t own up thus making the whole bunch suffered and wasted their book-out time.

The next time he called me, he was already at Plaza getting me my favourite Venezia ice-cream. Of cos, this shouldn’t be all, I’m not just as worthy as ice-cream.

He will be here anytime now… To let me whack (according to his sms) I’m going to clean my oily face asap.

Just now I was busy transfering the ringtone from my old phone to the new one. Of all, I still like the soundtrack midi from [God, please give me more time!] the best, by Takeshi kaneshiro and Kyoko Fukada. In fact, it’s the best Japanese Drama Series of all that I’ve watched. It has very good storyline.

Now, while waiting, I’m watching it over again at I kind of forgot about the story, as in what happened to all the characters, I can only remember what happened to the 2 main leads. You know the show, stars and soundtracks all contribute to the popularity of the show. People remember them as a package.

Just like [Meteor Garden I], I really think that it’s a successful one. Everyone knows F4, who is in F4 (Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu & Vanness Wu), the [Liu Xing Yu] sound and the character “Hua Zhe Lei”, “Dao Ming Si”, “Mei Zuo” and “XXX” (I forgot what Ken Zhu plays in Meteor Garden, sorry…). But of cos [Meteor Garden I] is a more successful one than [God, please give me more time!] cos not many can understand Japanese other than Japanese themselves.

After saying so much that stupid boy hasn’t appear, come and apologise still be late. Minus marks already. Now already negative marks still wanna go lower.

Sunday, I’ll be leaving Singapore again. Going to Taipei and LA. The whole trip last for 9 days. They better be very good 9 days. Hope I’ll have fun! I hardly enjoy going out with people I work with, cos I don’t really know them in the first place and even though we get to know each other well eventually, but in the end, it’s still a temporary friend, don’t know how to explain, alright maybe this helps “You fly with different people everyday”, yalor… something like that. Mummy already ordered from me, the things (mostly clothes) she would like to have when I’m back, but they’re not cheap. She didn’t say something like “get those Giordano ones can liao!”

She said “get those Polo tee (pointing to Ralph Lauren), you know which one or not? I prefer V-neck T-shirts, ok?”

So, in total, she would like to Polo tees and V-neck T-shirts. Not very cheap lo like that.

I told her “Mummy, like that very expensive you know, LA can get at a lower price la but will be expensive also leh.”

She looked at me and said “Ok lo, if expensive…(I thought she would say don’t buy) then you buy a few can liao.”

What to do? I replied, “Like that ar… Ok lo…” =( No savings again.

Packing starts tomorrow AGAIN. Actually sometimes it can be fun working as a flyer. But 1 thing never changes my thinking is that, packing can never be enjoyable.

First time going to the States. Don’t know how it looks like over there. I wonder if the sun there is brighter or dimmer or nearer or further. Heard that the cockroaches there are bigger! Oh man… those in Asia are very big already lo. It’s either I try to overcome my fear of cockroaches (I failed for like 20 years) or read more on how to prevent having them as part of my home.

Berlyn always leave her food (Laksa, Mcdonalds, ribena, melted chocolates, chicken rice, cakes, kueh, coke and whatever she eats) on the coffee table after she has finished them. Often I’ll see ants running around the table, not just a few ants, it’s a few lines of them. Very disgusting and can be scary sometimes. Worse, lizards happened to be having supper there when I come home late. Imagine, so late already still can be there. She thinks everyone is her maid. She never throw them away herself. Never. She uses all the cups we have at home. She doesn’t do a single washing. She is a lazy bum. When she has no more clean cups to use, she will use the cup that my mum uses to measure the amount of water to pour into the iron. Those made of metal ones. She is worse than Weiwen. I think she is the worst. Somemore on the coffee table you know… how worse can a person gets. She is the maximum. Yucks. Very dirty.

Tomorrow will be a happy day =)

Has he regreted on the apology appointment? Why hasn’t he here yet? Shit.

It’s as if a new relationship has begun…

January 4th, 2007 by

Yes, it isn’t nice to start off saying that Shin threatened a break-up again, for the third time. Still, I forgive him, not because I’m blinded by love or whatever but because his explaination is enough to convince me.

I think I made him realised that “break-up” shouldn’t come by easily from his mouth (I made it though for him, serious). I would like to delete an entry which is filled with lousy thoughts.

We had a calm and long chat over the phone just now, didn’t know he sounds so nice over the phone, very gentle. But his voice didn’t carry me away, I reminded myself that I should sound very firm and very very firm. He reminded me about our past, about how we came out being together, how sweet he was to be waiting at my place after my training classes, have dinner with me every night (his mother or maid prepares dinner every night), and wait for me to sleep before he took the keys, open the door himself and head home.

He did complained a few times about what kind of life he was leading (all related to me and my daily routines), how he made himself live according to mine and how empty he felt. I wanna say “I know, I remember, I appreciate you.” but still, I have to remember that he did say the word “break-up”, he owes me an apology and I must fight for myself.

Deep inside my heart, I know I still love him alot, infact I think he is the one who can protect me in this lifetime. I’m not being childish, all the crew always laugh at me for being stuck to a NS guy when I have a “bright future” if I choose the right man. How right the man is, I believe only I have the answer =)

We also talked about each other’s bad points that we should not be practising after countless warnings. I know I shouldn’t walk away whenever we quarrel. I don’t feel very cool by doing that, I’m just afraid that I might punch him in his face if I don’t leave. I also don’t know why I’m so violent. It’s in me. Just like when he gets angry, he threatens to “break-up” and regrets immediately. That’s very bad.

The both of us changed alot during this period when we’re together. We were never this serious, talking about our relationship. I believe we’ve made up to the next level.

I made it very clear that I wouldn’t want to see him before the apology comes in. Everything will happen tomorrow, I’ll forgive him but cannot make it appear to be easy. Must act tough.

I had 3 days off. The first day was spent quarrelling with him, the second was celebrating Ah Ting’s birthday which didn’t turn out that well (I’ll elaborate more later) cos of a few factors. And the third relaxing at home so that I will not feel that terrible when it’s time to work the next day.

I feel so much like taking MC today cos I got no mood to work but since Kate is around, then I’ll drag myself. If I don’t work today, standby might interrupt my friday, saturday and maybe my Taipei. So I keep telling myself, just go, just go.

Have you watched [The Click]? Remember the remote control? Sometimes I wish I can make use of that to forward my working time. Dreaming again…

I look forward to tomorrow.

Kinda miss Shin.   

Now, I shall elaborate on Ah Ting’s birthday… We went Indulge Bistro to have dinner together.




We settle down for some time before we ordered our food. The lady boss then appear and told us there isn’t any chicken left so whoever ordered chicken has to choose another maincourse. I was one of the chicken picker, so I chose fish this time. After very long, the lady boss appeared with a plate of maincourse and insist that we take it even when nobody has ordered it. She gave us that kind of impatient face, that typical “fan bai yan” look. I think she needs to attend some service provider course. In the end all of us left unhappily and worst, I didn’t had anything. I saved cos I ended up having long john with Sooyee (she watched me eat only cos she ate at the restaurant). Mada and Sooyee complained that they rather eat Long John than spending money at that restaurant that doesn’t worth the price. So I was the lucky one. I think all boss should be humble and provides very good service in order to gain loyal customers. An arrogant one can never make it. She can never make it. Her job is suppose to make everyone in the restaurant happy. She just don’t get it. She’s a loser.

Luckily we did enjoyed during the KTV session. Could have been better if we organise it properly so that everyone gets to sing all the time. It’s just hard when it comes to a big group who are strangers to one another. But Mada, Elaine, Sooyee and myself are quite ‘zi dong’, we only insert our songs sometimes. The guys were having their concert lo.






Sooyee suggested that she spilt the angbao money with her that I prepared for Ah Ting. Elaine wanted to share too. So each just has to contribute abit.

Now I still cannot decide how to celebrate my 21st birthday lo. No idea. Hope I have the money then can get a big room in a grand hotel and invite friends for party. As for relatives, I’ll think harder…

Time to relax awhile more then prepare for work already. Sianzation… Serve indian somemore. Won’t be racist unless they behave.

My 1st Visit to Narita

December 29th, 2006 by

I was rather excited about this trip cos I’ve always wanted to go Japan but I waited ad waited for months, I still didn’t get rostered. Finally, it happened on 27 December…

It was supposed to be about 0 degree celcius there so I thought I was smart to prepare thick clothing. I shouldn’t had cos I’ll be in the shopping mall, I felt heated up in there though the outside was very cold. We went to the foodcourt to have lunch. The foodcourt there is much more different from our Singapore foodcourt, you don’t have to stand there and wait for them to prepare your food ne. After you make payment, they’ll pass you a walkie-talkie size ‘pager’, that you can bring it to your seat and wait for it to go off, to know that you can go back and collect your food. This reduce the possibility that you will faint halfway while waiting if you’re really hungry or showing a black face to see the one who came after you got her food first ne. Right after lunch, we went to the 100 yen shop to grab whatever we want, grab la, so cheap. I bought myself 3 hellokitty stuffs, snacks and Oishii water. I started recalling all the news I watched at home, saying that Japan is an advanced-technology country blah blah blah… It’s is true ne!

I thought I walked into another place although I followed closely to the toilet sign. The first look of it makes me stopped for 2 seconds before heading towards the cubical, cos it looked like a dressing room ne. Beside the countless full length mirror was a sofa set that could fit 5 adults. Grand ne.


Let me go into details about the toilet-bowl system. When you’re about to touch the toilet seats, a wave sound will come out from don’t know where to actually drown the sound when you pee, then you won’t be paiseh ne. A few seconds after you stand up, the toilet flushes. It’s not like those Singapore toilets that flushes even when you’re peeing halfway you know, it’s just different from Japan’s ne. I regreted throwing another tissue into the toilet cos I had problem finding the flush button. I pressed all the buttons but none flushes the toilet. So I waited for awhile, at the same time figuring out what the button reads (I learnt Basic Japanese but I think I learnt nothing) still, the toilet doesn’t flush. So I thought, maybe throw more toilet paper inside to make it dirty then it will flush automatically again. It didn’t after a few throws, I got panicked cos there’s a row of Japanese queueing outside, so I thought, die liao, they sure look down on me if they see this pile of toilet papers not flushed down. So I threw more, finally it flushed, not because of the huge pile of toilet papers, it’s because during my last throw, I think my hand went lower and acitivated the sensor! As long as I don’t throw face ne.

I forgot to check with my team mate how to flush after that, too busy with shopping.n7390.JPG

I was abit disappointed with my phone cos it didn’t work when I was trying to call back home in my hotel room. I thought, bu shi 3G phone lo, why no reception ne? Then I realised everyone’s not working too, heard that it might be caused by the earthquake in Taiwan. Oh man, Weiwen is there! Don’t know what’s wrong with our house’s fengshui.

I went Fancl and spent about 200 Singapore Dollars on countless packets of Vitamins B, C and E and not forgeting my whitening pills. I really bought alot til I couldn’t clear the custom and ended up paying a fine, luckily a small fine, for these…


I also bought a small boots, I mean not so high up to the knees kind, beige color, abit like leather, don’t know real or not ne. I see it quite nice so bought it, wanted a white one cos the Japanese look good in them but I think again, better not, cos firstly I’m not a Japanese so might not look good in them, later look like ah lian i sure faint.

Japan boots

Overall, I bought alot of snacks and cream puffs that I couldn’t finished and couldn’t bring back cos they’re opened and is left in the hotel room. The vitamins can go a long way cos I bought alot, very kiasu, until I become member haha. It’s a nice place with beauties around, they really know how to dress ne. Restaurants waitresses also damn pretty, you will think that you’re in a Barbie world, they look like dolls. Kawaii ne.

Trying to learn from them, hope I won’t appear to be trying to hard then have another kind of effect ne.

I’m Full of Complaints

December 26th, 2006 by

Today is slightly different cos I woke up with a nightmare, a super scary one and felt more scared when I realised I was the only one at home… I woke up and felt super scared, super scared that kind. I will not evaluate on that nightmare, make it a pass.

Weiwen went Taipei this morning, lucky everyone, always a passenger. The weather is once again, very nice, it makes a non air-conditioned room cool and makes it all worthwhile to stay home and enjoy the weather. At this point of time, with such a cooling weather, I just feel like staying home and watch Dvds. Too bad, my nails are already red since 30 mins ago, which means I’m preparing to go work again. Seems like I’m always complaining about work, perhaps I’m too homely, haha!

The good thing is I can get Fancl at low price and top up my vitamins but heard the hotel there is old thus making it abit scary. I could have enough courage to be hotel-alone if I didn’t had the nightmare. I’ll try to be brave…

I asked around if there’s any webby providing accurate weather forecast and Keith suggested, I always trusted till I reach Vancouver and found it snowing when the webby stated 5 degree celcius. Ya, get what I mean?

Hmm… now I’m left with packing up and bathing. I hope planes fly faster then everything will be short and sweet. Miss my good time in STC, where I need not be somebody they expect me to be, I could be like a ah siao and doing things I enjoy doing. Nothing much I can do to help myself besides getting out of where I am.

Dreams always seem so beautiful.

Never knew I love home so much til I started flying. I used to complain to Mummy and Papa that they’re too much by making me stay home and bored me til I almost went crazy but staying at home can make me busy too. I hardly have the time to surf net, check email, chat in MSN, blog, watch TV and lying around at home when Shin is around before he went NS. We would always be somewhere in town, eating and drinking, watching movie, buying this and that and doing whatever besides staying at home. This is not a balanced past time. But can’t be helped. Hua yang shao nian shao nu

Alright, back to my [Hua yang shao nian shao nu] before packing. Nice show, first viewed it in Taipei then came back and chiong Youtube.

Seriously hate packing cos I hate to go la. =(

Have a nice day ahead everyone, be happy… Cheers!

Working mood? No, not yet, never…

December 26th, 2006 by

Just had a nice weekend with Shin. I think NS sucks but what can I do to help? He is having depression, like how i always feel before flights. I think he’s having a hard time cos he is always being ‘peng zai shou xin’ by his family but I hope he will gain experience out of this NS thing.


Firstly, I would like to declare that this is only the 3rd entry of my first blog. Ya, abit slow… but I thought it was nice to have a Hellokitty Blog.

To me, a blog is meant to be something to allow me to ventilate my anger I got from work, in fact colleagues. Something to share my happiness and spreading of news too =)

My next flight will be to Narita. Hope it’ll be a pleasant flight. I’m still figuring out the best way to kill bitches, or at least a way to deal with them. Seniors don’t win all the time in the presence of justice, agree?

I should be at home the day before work cos by staying at home makes me feel very relax. Everyone says this is a good and attractive job, I thought so too, but when I finally get to experience it I can’t change my mind not to fly. Yes, I’m tied down. I might hate it sometimes but I do suspect that I might regret leaving when I’m given regular off days, good money and travelling experience.

With Serene

I hate myself sometimes, cos I may get indecisive most of the time. This is something I think, cannot follow me for life but I believe that I’ll grow accordingly.  

Sleepy Weather VS Work

December 21st, 2006 by

Oh man, this kind of nice weather I shd have stay in my bed but gotta force myself to get up for work. Zzz…

Comfy bed

Not too bad cos afterall it’s just a Jarkata turn & this is the last flight to do before friday(appointment with Mr Lau). Yea! Confinement is coming to an end. Still I have to see him going for countless “Long Flights” in the next 2 good years.

Need to think about what to wear to Taipei already. Taiwanese judge you by your dressing so as not to make yourself look like an idiot, better dress more trendy than your usual self. Imagine this is already abit challenging & the weather change that need us to put on winter wear doubles the challenge. I need to flip through angmoh magazines liao.

I don’t have what the models wear but will try my best to learn the style, not easy ne.

For now, wear kebaya to work first…

Accumulated til today, the 10th day

December 20th, 2006 by

From what the title reads, I haven seen my boy for 10 days already. And there’ll be another 2 days to go before we can meet on the friday…


I found Mochi in my fridge after reading the card from him. The card was among the snacks he used to flood my table. He says green tea is just below Mochi…

Green Tea

So far so good, as predicted, I’m rather independent throughout these days and not as rush after flights. Yup, more free time to do housework and preparation of presents for X’mas. The good thing is I’ll be in SIN on X’mas day! Our 1 yr anniversary… What can i expect from that day? I’ll leave it to my boy… but i really hope the pink phone is in the package ne~

One bad thing abt this job is, I totally have no idea I’ll land in which country tmr but there’s a high possibility that I’ll be somewhere very near SIN. I started praying a few days ago cos my off day on friday cannot be disrupted ne~ I hope the company wouldn’t do any more changes so as to make me willing to work for the time being, pls. 

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